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Course Cards, HS grad reqmts, Bright Futures

Course Cards for incoming 6th graders, current 6th grade moving to 7th grade, current 7th grade moving to 8th grade and 8th grade moving to high school.

RBSMS 6th gr Course Card 2018-2019

RBSMS 7th gr Course Card 2018-2019

RBSMS 8th gr Course Card 2018-2019

High School Information:

ZHS Course Card for 2018-2019

PHS Course Card 9th gr 2018-19 Front and Back PHS 9th Grade Course Selection Sheet

State of Florida HS diploma requirements for students entering 9th grade

Bright Futures Scholarship requirements (FAS and FMS)

8th to 9th Grade Articulation Information

Articulation for All Students

Below is the articulation calendar for all students entering RBSMS as 6th grade next year, for students moving up a grade here next year, and for those articulating up to 9th grade high school next year.  Those 8th grade students interested in applying for Career Academies should contact the high school for application information ASAP (starting in January) <click for link of academies at each high school>.

  • 1/25:  8th-9th: Field trip to WCHS for zoned students
  • 2/01: ALL:          School choice window opens for Pasco County
    •        8th-9th: WCHS presents course cards to zoned students
  • 2/06: 8th-9th:  PHS Parent presentation (curriculum fair) 6pm
  • 2/15: 8th-9th:  ZHS presentation for zoned students (& to SAC)
  • 2/23: 8th-9th:  ZHS Course Cards due to Ms. Pinsky
  • 2/27: 8th-9th:  WCHS online registration for zoned students
  • 3/01: 8th-9th:  ZHS Parent Night at ZHS Gym (6pm)
    •        5th-6th:  Holzum/Pinsky at NRES (course cards) 2pm
  • 3/07: 5th-6th:  Holzum/Pinsky at CWTES (course cards) 10:30
  • 3/08: 5th-6th: Holzum/Pinsky at WZES (course cards) 10:00a
    •                            Holzum/Pinsky at WES (course cards) 2:30pm
  • 3/09: 6th-7th and
    •        7th-8th: Counselors RBSMS presentation on course cards
  • 3/13: 5th-6th:  AM Pep Rally at RBSMS Gymnasium
  • 3/13: 5th-6th:  Parent University at RBSMS
  • 3/13: 6th-7th and
    •        7th-8th:  RBSMS Curriculum Fair ( 6th & 7th families)
  • 3/15: 5th-6th:  Course Cards due to Elem. Counselor
  • 3/30: ALLAll Course Cards, Advanced Matrices, All Applications for Infinity, AVID, Yearbook, Recommendations, Peer is DUE
  • 4/3:   3:00 Eurythmics Tryouts at ZHS  (flags)

Articulation, Presentations, Lessons, oh my!

RBSMS counselors have started articulation to and from our feeder schools and finishing class lessons:

  • 12/4: Counselors in Meyer’s class for Safer, Smarter Teens
  • 12/5:  Counselors at WZES promoting AVID/Infinity/Community Connections
  • 12/6:  Counselors at CWTES promoting AVID/Infinity/Community Connections
  • 12/7:  Counselors at  district training
  • 12/8:  Counselors at WES and NRES promoting AVID/Infinity/Comm. Connections
  • 12/11: Counselor presentation at Community Connections on College-bound
  • 12/13: Counselors in Vipperman’s classes for Safer, Smarter Teens
  • 12/14: Counselor/Snyder Counselor-led RBSMS Tech Field Trip to ZHS Aviation
    • Counselors in Bailey’s classes and in Erdmann’s classes for Safer, Smarter Teens
  • 12/18: Counselor in AVID class (7th), and at district training
  • 12/19: Counselor in Grenlie’s classes and Williams’ classes for Safer, Smarter Teens
  • 12/20: Counselor in Duffy’s classes for Safer, Smarter Teens
  • 12/21: Counselors at district training