Articulation, Presentations, Lessons, oh my!

RBSMS counselors have started articulation to and from our feeder schools and finishing class lessons:

  • 12/4: Counselors in Meyer’s class for Safer, Smarter Teens
  • 12/5:  Counselors at WZES promoting AVID/Infinity/Community Connections
  • 12/6:  Counselors at CWTES promoting AVID/Infinity/Community Connections
  • 12/7:  Counselors at  district training
  • 12/8:  Counselors at WES and NRES promoting AVID/Infinity/Comm. Connections
  • 12/11: Counselor presentation at Community Connections on College-bound
  • 12/13: Counselors in Vipperman’s classes for Safer, Smarter Teens
  • 12/14: Counselor/Snyder Counselor-led RBSMS Tech Field Trip to ZHS Aviation
    • Counselors in Bailey’s classes and in Erdmann’s classes for Safer, Smarter Teens
  • 12/18: Counselor in AVID class (7th), and at district training
  • 12/19: Counselor in Grenlie’s classes and Williams’ classes for Safer, Smarter Teens
  • 12/20: Counselor in Duffy’s classes for Safer, Smarter Teens
  • 12/21: Counselors at district training




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