Summer DE 2021

Summer 2021 DE Registration

Summer Dual Enrollment registration season is upon us.  

Summer Dual Enrollment is open to current 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students who meet eligibility criteria, even if currently enrolled in DE.

Students are encouraged to input up to 14 DE courses based on course requests. 11th grade DE students may only:

  • register for Term III (5/11-7/20)
  • enroll in no more than 8 credit hours (online or face to face).   

 Please access the district website which contains the Summer Online Registration Worksheet for important upcoming dates and deadlines for Summer Registration.

  1.  Complete the online readiness course through Canvas. Completion of the PHSC online readiness course is required prior to registering in any online dual enrollment courses.  We highly encourage all students to access and complete the online readiness course now.
  2. Completion of the Student Orientation online is also REQUIRED for all DE students. Students who have not completed this course will not be able to register for Summer  courses. Visit to access directions on how to complete the orientation.