Collegiate HS -DE Drop date – Textbook pickup

Collegiate High School Info 

  • January 7th – January 21st: Must apply through the Pasco Pathways application in myStudent
  • The PHSC paper application is still required and must be turned in by applicants to school counselors for counselor’s eligibility review. DEADLINE: January 25th
  • February 4th is the deadline for school counselors to review applications and send eligible applicant information to district. Counselors will verify eligibility and that all parts of the application have been submitted by the student to ensure that all courses/credits required to meet high school graduation are specified.  Only completed/eligible applications will be submitted.
  • February 19th -28th: Parents notified of acceptance or denial
  • February 28th: Accepted students/parents must accept or decline their invitation to join CHS
  • Spring DE High School Courses
  • January 15, 2021 is the PHSC drop deadline.  Any students that leaves a class after this date will be considered a withdraw and will not be allowed to take the class again through DE.
  • Dual Enrollment Textbook  Spring Pick-Up
  • Dual Enrollment spring textbook pick-up begins next week.  Please visit the website and share the textbook information with your counselors and families via your website, social media, etc.