Fall2021 DE

District DE website: http://www.pasco.k12.fl.us/oll/page/dual-enrollment. This is an important website to peruse — there’s a lot of information here.


  1. PLEASE check your Dynamic Forms for denied class comments to see if you need to submit a new one with changes based on the comments.
  2. It is not too late to submit a new dynamic form, but it must be approved by me, your parent, and the advisor Ms. Raulerson (Ms. Bridger’s not our PHSC advisor) before you are able to register, so if you’re doing a new one, I recommend completing it soon.
  3. Dynamic forms are NOT registration… you do not have those classes yet.  You must register for them (except for ENC1101 & AMH2010 – I register you for those once you’ve done the Dynamic Form).


Here is the step-by-step guide to register for the DE classes approved on your Dynamic Form this Monday 8/2: https://livepascok12fl-my.sharepoint.com/:v:/g/personal/ljoustra_pasco_k12_fl_us/ES2x-5NvsY1Dhb3GoqZf27sBw4aQri06Q6W7QpMk3WE1CA?e=dj404w

Here is the link that shows what time you need to register on 8/2: https://livepascok12fl.sharepoint.com/:w:/s/OLL_Resources/EVZGvCN01WRDic8IygkcuboBHNZYi88ou9aUYNm-QOC30w?e=XqNTuu

You are only able to register for the classes approved on your dynamic form (ENC1101 & AMH2010 do not need to register, only complete a dynamic form).

You will not be able to register if you have not completed your online readiness and your de orientation to canvas classes. Complete those now if you haven’t already.


YOU MUST SEND TO ME A SCREENSHOT OF YOUR PHSC COURSES that you successfully register for on 8/2 so that your LOLHS schedule can mimic what you’ve gotten online.  Remember, I can’t just move LOLHS classes around willynilly – you will need to work your PHSC classes around the LOLHS schedule — your LOLHS schedule is visible on myStudent. Be sure that you are not putting an off-campus DE class in the middle of your on-campus LOLHS schedule.

If you have some on-LOLHS-campus classes and some off-campus classes, you must have reliable transportation for the entire semester – students with OFF-campus courses (OJT, eSchool off-campus, PHSC off-campus) cannot be on LOLHS campus during those periods.