• PE+Health credit
  • Practical/Fine Art
  • Online course credit

REQUIRED ELECTIVES 24-credit Standard Diploma

*HOPE– must register for HOPE if academic history indicates PE requirement is unmet. There are alternative ways to meet this requirement (Personal Fitness+semesterPE, marching Band, etc): see counselor for questions or more information.

*FINE ART:  must register for a *Fine Art if academic history indicates Practical Fine Art requirement is unmet. See counselor if questions.   

Studio Art Singing/Acting/Dancing Music Theory/ Performance Design
Art 2D  Level 1 2Acting  Level 1   2   3   4 Band Level 1   2   3   4 Digital Info Technology
Art 3D 1Chorus Level 1   2   3   4                  IB Music Digital Design Level 1   2   3
AP Art /Portfolio Dance Techniques 1 Jazz Ensemble  3   4 Technical Design Level 1 2 3
Journalism  1       

*ONLINE COURSEWORK: if academic history indicates this requirement is unmet, Digital Info Technology at LOLHS meets this requirement as does any of the Pasco eSchool in their catalog ***if online course is a yearlong credit, student must complete all parts to meet requirement.  See counselor for advisement on course selection and how to register. NOTE: parent must approve online course request.