Registration For Senior Year

This (20202021-Sr-Registration-Info) is the presentation: please view before your class — see below for registration dates!

This (12th-Grade-Course-Card-20-21) is the course card. On campus will have their academic histories given during class registration. MSOL should have received their academic history by USPS mail prior to the class registration date.

Senior Year Course Card, side 2 (Creative credit to Ms. Joustra for designing page 2)

COURSE CARD & COURSE DESCRIPTIONS: Above is the course card for senior year (side 1 and side 2). Please review what options are appropriate with your parents and current teachers to gain recommendations. Class descriptions are linked to each class above on the presentation.

This year you will type your own selections into myStudent during class, so be sure to have your completed card with you so you will know what to enter.

PARENT ZOOM: We will host a Zoom Q&A Parent session next Wednesday 2/24 at 6pm to review course offerings for senior year. You must pre-register on this form to receive the Zoom link:

CLASS REGISTRATION SCHEDULE: Class presentations and registration will occur by English class:

  • 2/24 6pm: Parent Nite Q & A –MUST preregister to get a link by email
  • Weaver & Hicks: Thursday 2/25
  • Hiltz: Friday 2/26
  • Haynes: Monday 3/1
  • Babij: Wednesday 3/3
New class: 3-D Art

Four free tutoring resources

There are a few different options for tutoring help with homework:

  1. this is a free tutoring online program that some of our students are a part of.
  2. this is the site that our students created to use to schedule and provide free tutoring from LOLHS students.
  3. Then there is SMARTTHINKING online tutoring which is accessed right through your myLearning/Canvas course on the left-hand side. It is very slow but you do work with a real person and they help you step by step. See detailed information below.
  4. Lastly, you can ALWAYS reach out to your teacher and ask for help and schedule a separate Zoom with them 🙂

Embedded into every student’s myLearning account is 600,000 (six hundred thousand) minutes of free tutoring per student. This tutoring is available every single day, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. It has a real life tutor there in live time answering questions, helping with science homework or English, or AP Stats, etc.

Testing Feb Mar 2021

If you/your child did not pass the FSA ELA graduation exam, there are 3 opportunities for you/your child to pass, AND STUDENTS SHOULD ATTEND and TAKE ADVANTAGE OF EVERY EXAM so that this graduation requirement is met this school year. Those exams are:

FSA ELA 3-day exam — must attend all 3 days to earn a score — check student school email for specific dates. This score, if passed, meets the graduation testing requirements for reading.:

  • FSA Writing :Tuesday, February 9 at 7:45 AM in Portable T-9 must attend each day of 2/9, 2/10 and 2/11 to get a score.
  • FSA Reading Session 1: Wednesday, February 10 at 7:45 AM in Portable T-9: must attend each day of 2/9, 2/10 & 2/11 to get a score.
  • FSA Reading Session 2: Friday, February 12 at 7:45 AM in Portable T-9: must attend each day of 2/9, 2/10 and 2/11 to get a score.

ACT: ACT 3/9, 3/10, 3/11 – must attend each day 3/9, 3/10 and 3/11 — students have TRIPLE the amount of time allowed on this exam… students typically do well on this exam who did not do well on FSA ELA. YOU MUST REGISTER THIS WEEK (by 3/12) to take this exam. Your payment constitutes registration. Pay the $35 fee via Acorn This score, if passed, can meet the graduation testing requirements for both math and reading.

SAT: 3/24. This free, college-reportable score is one day during the school day on our campus. You do not need to register for it or pay. This score, if passed, can be reported to colleges, and can meet the graduation testing requirements for both math and reading.

PERT test for DE spring 2021

Are you interested in Dual Enrollment for the summer or your senior year? Is your GPA over 3.00? If the answer is yes to both, you must also have passing scores on the PERT exam.
If you have not taken the PERT, it’s being offered at LOLHS after school on 3/8 & 3/10 — must attend both sections (unless retaking it). Scan the QR code to register — there is limited seating, so don’t delay!!

Last FSA ELA/Alg1EOC date of YR

February 8th starts the last round of testing for students who have not yet passed their 10th gr FSA ELA and/or the Alg1 EOC. Students who need to test will have received an email in their school email account already.

Students can also take the ACT or SAT and meet/surpass the cutoff scores, they will meet the testing requirement that way. For students who are looking to meet their FSA ELA and/or Alg1EOC test requirements, there are two opportunities coming up in March for testing:

One will be during-the-school-day ACT testing on 3/9-3/11 (3 days of testing — must attend all in order to earn a score) and the cost is $35. This particular administration of the ACT is NOT reportable to colleges, so it is not for college entrance — this is ONLY eligible for students looking to meet high school testing requirements. Please reach out to me or Ms. Gaete if you’re interested.

The second opportunity is the School Day SAT on 3/24, free to all LOLHS juniors. No registration or fee is needed, and this is for BOTH meeting high school testing requirements AND the score can be reported for college admissions.

Spring2021 Adult Ed

Spring adult ed is starting Tuesday 1/19 from 4pm-6pm every Tuesday and Thursday. Eligible students have a GPA below 2.0, have below 15 credits, and/or have a semester grade of D or F in English or Math. Complete, sign & return the form to me ASAP. Student must meet the minimum seat time to earn virtual after-school credit.

Students are not automatically enrolled — parents must complete, sign, and return the form to their counselor by FRIDAY JANUARY 15th

SAT and ACT Info

The SAT and ACT exams cost about $50 for each test and you must register for them at or

The tests are on a weekend & are not offered at our school.


On Wednesday, Mar 24, 2021, we are offering, free for all LOLHS juniors, here at our school during the school day, the SAT exam for our students to take.  Please take advantage of this one-time-only free opportunity.

College-bound students are encouraged to take both the SAT and ACT to see on which test they perform their best.

Students could then CHOOSE to register for the next available ACT exam on February 6th – deadline at is January 15th. Please reach out to Mrs. Pinsky or to our college specialist Ms. Colón for any questions.

Khan Academy is a great free resource that works to help with SAT test prep so your student can do their best on the SAT exam. It’ll show how your child performed on the PSAT and then help them to improve their score.

Collegiate HS -DE Drop date – Textbook pickup

Collegiate High School Info 

  • January 7th – January 21st: Must apply through the Pasco Pathways application in myStudent
  • The PHSC paper application is still required and must be turned in by applicants to school counselors for counselor’s eligibility review. DEADLINE: January 25th
  • February 4th is the deadline for school counselors to review applications and send eligible applicant information to district. Counselors will verify eligibility and that all parts of the application have been submitted by the student to ensure that all courses/credits required to meet high school graduation are specified.  Only completed/eligible applications will be submitted.
  • February 19th -28th: Parents notified of acceptance or denial
  • February 28th: Accepted students/parents must accept or decline their invitation to join CHS
  • Spring DE High School Courses
  • January 15, 2021 is the PHSC drop deadline.  Any students that leaves a class after this date will be considered a withdraw and will not be allowed to take the class again through DE.
  • Dual Enrollment Textbook  Spring Pick-Up
  • Dual Enrollment spring textbook pick-up begins next week.  Please visit the website and share the textbook information with your counselors and families via your website, social media, etc.