Collegiate High School 2021

There will be sessions at each upcoming Pasco Pathways expo event that give an overview of Collegiate HS. This year, Collegiate HS will continue to be incorporated into the school choice application process along with our magnet schools and programs. You may use this catalog to learn more about CHS and the new application window. Below is an overview of the application process.  

Application Timeline 

  • January 7th – January 21st
    • Must apply through the Pasco Pathways application in myStudent
    • The PHSC paper application is still required and must be turned in by students who applied to school counselors for review of eligibility by January 25th
  • January 25th
    • Deadline for students to have paper applications turned into counselor
  • February 4th
    • Deadline for school counselors to review applications and send eligible applicant information to be received at district by the 8th
    • Counselors should verify eligibility and that all parts of the application have been submitted by the student. Counselors should ensure that all courses/credits required to meet high school graduation are specified.   
  • February 19th -28th
    • Parents notified of acceptance or denial
  • February 28th
    • Accepted students/parents must accept or decline their invitation to join CHS

DE Spring 2021 Info

Dual Enrollment info has posted for second semester of the 2020-2021 school year (spring 2021).
Here is the link for the district information:


  1. Please read the above link closely and follow the links — most answers to questions are either on that page or on one of the links on the page.
  2. Complete the worksheet & meet with your counselor(s) — Mrs. Pinsky and Ms. Bridger by October28th.
    1. Ms. Bridger: schedule at or call the Advising Office (727) 816-3201 or the Information Center (727) 847-2727 and schedule PHSC advisement appointments 
    2. Mrs. Pinsky: schedule at
  3. Put the deadlines in your calendar with reminders:
    1. 11/13-ish notification to your PHSC email if approved/denied,
    2. 11/18 mandatory web registration (times vary based on number of DE credits you’ve earned),
    3. 01/07 new-to-DE students create an online application at
  4. Complete the online readiness and de orientation to canvas classes. This FAQ walks you through the steps: Students who have not completed this will not be able to register for Spring  courses

Community Service

Ms. Colon, our College and Career Specialist, is the expert on all things Community Service. You should contact her before starting to ensure that your hours meet the requirements for community service. You can see her in person in the College and Career Lab or email her at

  • You can view your entered Community Service on your myStudent account:
    • Login to your myStudent account
    • Click on the menu under “My Information”
    • Click on the submenu “Demographic”
    • On the left menu, click “Graduation” — entered hours will appear there

College Visits 2020-21

If you plan to attend the college presentations:

College visit: UCF

UF college admissions presentation 9/24
Check her blog regularly for more presentations
Sign up here:

Fall 2020 Co-enrolled Adult ed

Fall 2020 Co-enrolled Adult Ed at LOLHS for D or F High school English or Math

Students who have earned semester grades of D or F in high school English or Math classes can recover that semester grade. Start date is Tuesday, September 22nd online, so completed forms must be submitted to school counselors by Friday, September 18. Students complete APEX at home after school every Tuesday and Thursday from 9/22 until 12/8.