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Class of 2026 Course Selection Card & Narrated Presentation

Below is a narrated presentation to guide you through the course selection options available at LOLHS for the 2022-2023 school year for freshmen. Please reach out to Mrs. Pinsky, LOLHS School Counselor for the Class of 2026 for any questions.

Below is the course card for the 2022-2023 school year for incoming freshmen.

Registration For Senior Year

This (20202021-Sr-Registration-Info) is the presentation: see below for registration dates!

This (12th-Grade-Course-Card-20-21) is the course card. On campus will have their academic histories given during class registration. MSOL should have received their academic history by USPS mail prior to the class registration date.

COURSE CARD & COURSE DESCRIPTIONS: Above is the course card for senior year (side 1 and side 2). Please review what options are appropriate with your parents and current teachers to gain recommendations. Class descriptions are linked to each class above on the presentation.

Students type their own selections into myStudent during class, so be sure to have the academic history that was mailed home with you so you will know what to enter. Use unmet requirements to guide your course selections for next year.

PARENT ZOOM: We will host a Zoom Q&A Parent session next Wednesday 2/24 at 6pm to review course offerings for senior year. You must pre-register on this form to receive the Zoom link:

CLASS REGISTRATION SCHEDULE: Class presentations and registration will occur by English class:

  • 2/24 6pm: Parent Nite Q & A –MUST preregister to get a link by email
  • Weaver & Hicks: Thursday 2/25
  • Hiltz: Friday 2/26
  • Haynes: Monday 3/1
  • Babij: Wednesday 3/3
New class: 3-D Art

Pinsky Class Presentations

  • Friday 2/21: 1, 2 & 4 Babij. 5 Roach. 6 Reyes & off-campus
  • Monday 2/24: Hicks’ classes
  • Wednesday 2/26: Krupyak/Land’s classes
  • Friday 2/28: Absentees, etc.


  1. Who’s Who in the Class of 2022 Student Services
  2. Graduation Requirements: review updated transcript
    1. Credits to be on track:  9
    2. GPA to be on track: > 2.0
    3. EOCs: Alg, Bio, US Hist, Geom
    4. 10th grade Eng FSA
  3. Assessments: PSAT results – CollegeBoard or myStudent (more info with direct links available on my Remind)
  4. Academic Course Selection
    1. Traditional, Honors, DE, AP
    2. Elective & Academy Options

National Suicide Prevention Week 2018

Image result for suicide prevention text talk 741741The 2018 National Suicide Prevention Week is September 10-14.  Counselors will teach in Social Studies classrooms direct instruction on managing feelings, using social skills to resolve conflict, and on strengthening coping skills.  Students will be provided with a information on many healthy ways to cope with feelings, situations, and conflicts.

Schedule of Lessons

Monday 9/10: Mr. Meyers’ classes, Mr. Loth’s classes
Tuesday 9/11: Mr. Alexander’s classes, Mr. Vipperman’s classes
Wednesday 9/12: Ms. Singleton’s classes, Ms. Williams’ classes
Thursday 9/13: Mr. Bailey’s classes, Ms. Erdmann’s classes
Friday 9/14: Progress Reports for Q1 go home