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Spring Break 2018

The Counseling Department wishes all students, staff, and families a fun, healthy, safe, and rejuvenating Spring Break!

The Counseling Department wishes all students, staff, and families a fun healthy, safe, and rejuvenating Spring Break!

When classes resume on March 26th, we begin our important, last quarter of the 2017-2018 school year.

Scholarship -7th gr by 3/21

The Cooke Foundation Young Scholars Program is a selective 5-year, precollege scholarship for high-performing seventh-grade students with financial need. It provides comprehensive academic and college advising, financial support for school, Cooke-sponsored summer programming, internships, and other learning enrichment opportunities that may benefit students during their high school years.

Cooke Young Foundation Scholars Program Eligibility

  • Grade level: Currently in seventh grade
  • Grades: Mostly A’s with no C’s in sixth and seventh grade
  • Testing: Official score report from state standardized testing, SAT®score reports (if applicable)
  • Family income: Less than $95,000 annually
  • Location: Reside in the U.S. or a U.S. territory and will attend high school in the U.S.

Tell your students to start their applications now. The application deadline is March 21, 2018.

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Articulation Overview At-A-Glance


Enrolling in Online Courses

How to enroll in an online course: (note:  to fulfill the PE requirement — sign up for PERSONAL FITNESS, not  Hope):

  1. Go to Pasco eSchool Course catalog:
  2. 8th graders enrolling in High School PE, searchfor PERSONALFITNESS (if you are looking to fulfill the 1 whole year credit of PE requirement, first complete Personal Fitness.  After completing Personal Fitness, you will need to register/complete semester of Fitness Lifestyle Design, or  Outdoor education — see Ms. Pinsky for questions)
  3. Click the Red “Register Now” button on the right hand column with a parent.
  4. Complete the form with a parent:
    1. Name, ID #, DOB, high school course, segment A, if you’re wanting Honors credit (if available), gender, grade level, attending RBSMS
    2. Date you want to start your course and for “School Counselor”, scroll past all the High School Counselors to select Ms. Pinsky’s name from Middle School Counselor list (if you’re an 8th grader or Infinity.  6th Grade students select Ms. Holzum’s name, 7th grade students select Ms. Lessem’s name).
    3. Parent then signs the form electronically
  5. After submitting the form,  you and your parent will receive emails from Pasco eSchool to complete the sign up process (this link will help you).  YOU MUST CREATE AN ACCOUNT tocomplete the process.  Your parent will also create an account (after you have completed yours) and will need your login information in order to link their account to yours.
  6. Your parent will then need to go on their FLVS account and approve your course request. Click here to begin creating your Parent/Guardian Account -this link will help you do that.
  7. After parent has approved the course request, contact your school counselor and she’ll verify your enrollment.
  8. Next, you’ll see on your Dashboard once you’ve been assigned to a teacher.  When you have a teacher assigned, be sure to follow the Instructions emailed to you by Pasco eSchool:  go on your teacher’s Welcome Page, read that information, SCHEDULE YOUR WELCOME CALL, and look over the Pace chart.
  9. Using your Pace chart and your calendar, schedule your assignments, DBAs, and assessments into your calendar.


With your parent having a Parent/Guardian Account, they will have:

  • 24-7 online access to submitted and/or graded assignments and your child’s grade book
  • Monthly phone calls from teachers
  • Monthly progress reports emailed to parent emails
  • Regular email updates from teachers
  • Extensive access to teachers

How to create your Parent/Guardian Account:

  1. Student Completes Application: First, the student must complete the sign up process. Once the student has completed the online application he/she will receive a Student Username/ Password. You will need this Student Username/ Password to create your Parent/Guardian Account.
  2. Create your Parent/Guardian Account: Click here to begin creating your Parent/Guardian Account

5th to 6th grade Articulation information

Welcome RBSMS Bulldogs!

On Tuesday, March 13th, we’ll kick off Articulation with a Pep Rally here at RBSMS!  Our cheerleaders will welcome you and we’ll have a morning of fun and information to help get you ready for middle school next year!  Then that evening, bring your family to our Parent University Night to meet our teachers and tour our program!

8th to 9th Grade Articulation Information

6th-7th AND 7th-8th Articulation Info

Below is information needed for articulating to the next grade: