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Class of 2026 Course Selection Card & Narrated Presentation

Below is a narrated presentation to guide you through the course selection options available at LOLHS for the 2022-2023 school year for freshmen. Please reach out to Mrs. Pinsky, LOLHS School Counselor for the Class of 2026 for any questions.

Below is the course card for the 2022-2023 school year for incoming freshmen.

Registration For Senior Year

This (20202021-Sr-Registration-Info) is the presentation: see below for registration dates!

This (12th-Grade-Course-Card-20-21) is the course card. On campus will have their academic histories given during class registration. MSOL should have received their academic history by USPS mail prior to the class registration date.

COURSE CARD & COURSE DESCRIPTIONS: Above is the course card for senior year (side 1 and side 2). Please review what options are appropriate with your parents and current teachers to gain recommendations. Class descriptions are linked to each class above on the presentation.

Students type their own selections into myStudent during class, so be sure to have the academic history that was mailed home with you so you will know what to enter. Use unmet requirements to guide your course selections for next year.

PARENT ZOOM: We will host a Zoom Q&A Parent session next Wednesday 2/24 at 6pm to review course offerings for senior year. You must pre-register on this form to receive the Zoom link:

CLASS REGISTRATION SCHEDULE: Class presentations and registration will occur by English class:

  • 2/24 6pm: Parent Nite Q & A –MUST preregister to get a link by email
  • Weaver & Hicks: Thursday 2/25
  • Hiltz: Friday 2/26
  • Haynes: Monday 3/1
  • Babij: Wednesday 3/3
New class: 3-D Art

Counselor Summer Hours

Counselors will be available on a limited basis during the summer.

Please call (813) 794-6500 to schedule an appointment.

Summer Learning Ideas from Florida Department of Education: http://www.fldoe.or

Summer eSchool courses


How to enroll in an online course: (note:  to fulfill the PE requirement — sign up for PERSONAL FITNESS, not  Hope):

  1. Go to Pasco eSchool Course catalog:
  2. 8th graders enrolling in High School PE, search for PERSONAL FITNESS (if you are looking to fulfill the 1 whole year credit of PE requirement, first complete Personal Fitness.  After completing Personal Fitness, you will need to register/complete semester of Fitness Lifestyle Design, or  Outdoor education — see your 8th grade counselor for questions)
  3. Click the Red “Register Now” button on the right hand column with a parent.
  4. Complete the form with a parent:
    1. Name, ID #, DOB, high school course, segment A, if you’re wanting Honors credit (if available), gender, grade level, attending RBSMS
    2. Date you want to start your course.
    3. For “School Counselor”, scroll past all the High School Counselors to select Ms. Pinsky’s name for summer enrollment, and the grade level counselor during the school year).
    4. Parent then signs the form electronically and after submitting the form,  you and your parent will receive emails from Pasco eSchool to complete the sign up process (this link will help you).  ***YOU MUST CREATE AN ACCOUNT*** to complete the process.
    5. Your parent will also create an account (after you have completed yours) and will need your login information in order to link their account to yours.
    6. Your parent will then need to go on their FLVS account to approve your course request. Click here to begin creating your Parent/Guardian Account -this link will help you do that.
  5. After parent has approved the course request, contact your school counselor and she’ll verify your enrollment.
  6. Next, you’ll see on your Dashboard once you’ve been assigned to a teacher.  When you have a teacher assigned, be sure to follow the Instructions emailed to you by Pasco eSchool:  go on your teacher’s Welcome Page, read that information, SCHEDULE YOUR WELCOME CALL, and look over the Pace chart.
  7. Using your Pace chart and your calendar, schedule your assignments, DBAs, and assessments into your calendar.

With your parent having a Parent/Guardian Account, they will have:

  • 24-7 online access to submitted and/or graded assignments and your child’s grade book
  • Monthly phone calls from teachers
  • Monthly progress reports emailed to parent emails
  • Regular email updates from teachers
  • Extensive access to teachers

How to create your Parent/Guardian Account:

  1. Student Completes Application: First, the student must complete the sign up process. Once the student has completed the online application he/she will receive a Student Username/ Password. You will need this Student Username/ Password to create your Parent/Guardian Account.
  2. Create your Parent/Guardian Account: Click here to begin creating your Parent/Guardian Account

2019-20 Course Cards & Applications

Course Cards for 2019-2020 School Year — next year’s 7th/8th are DUE 2/27

RBSMS 2019-2020 6th Gr Course Card
RBSMS 2019-2020 7th Gr Course Card
RBSMS 2019-2020 8th Gr Course Card
WCHS 2019-2020 9th Gr Course Card: FRONT
WCHS 2019-2020 9th Gr Course Card: BACK
ZHS 2019-2020 9th Gr Course Card: FRONT
ZHS 2019-2020 9th Gr Course Card: BACK

Infinity & AVID Applications

2/6/19 Update for Infinity Academy applicants:

  • Students who received acceptance emails for Infinity:  district will update the myStudent account to reflect acceptance. 
  • Students who were accepted but didn’t yet respond must respond by 2/15. 
  • Students who applied but didn’t receive an acceptance email will still be considered for open seats.

Mrs. Pinsky will present at our feeder elementary schools information about our school’s curriculum,  Infinity Academy and AVID elective.

Day10 AM PresentationPM Presentation
Monday 11/26Woodland ESNew River ES (12:15)
Tuesday 11/27West Zephyrhills ESChester Taylor ES (2:00)
  • Students and parents can apply for Infinity at this link until the application window closes 12/14 3/15: .
  • Students and parents can apply for AVID at this link
  • Teachers will be contacted for references, the student’s academic, assessment, attendance, and behavioral history will be compiled, and all factors including the student’s essay on the application form will be reviewed in January March 2019.
  • Notifications about application status will occur late January April via the parent-provided email from the application.
  • Please contact Mrs. Pinsky via email or phone (813 794 6500) if there are any questions about the application process, course cards, electives, or the Infinity Academy program.

Welcome Back students!!

Please join us in celebrating Mrs. Banks’ return to RBSMS!  She will support 7th grade students, families, and staff.

Mrs. Lessem moves up with her students to support 8th grade students and facilitate the articulation process to high school… more information will be provided in Quarter 2.

Mrs. Pinsky is excited to welcome 6th grade (Class of 2025) to RBSMS and will support students and families in the transition to secondary school.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Registration 2018

Make your appointment in July with the school counselor to select courses for the school year — don’t wait until the August rush!!


  2. PROOFS OF RESIDENCY IN THE STEWART MIDDLE SCHOOL ZONE (if Driver’s License address isn’t current) — current utility bill, lease agreement, house contract etc. showing parent/guardian’s name and physical address (PO Boxes are not acceptable)
  3. 504 Plan/IEP (if applicable) – current IEP & Psychological report.

IN-STATE (but not Pasco County) Florida TRANSFERSStudents transferring from another Florida school must present these additional items upon registration:

4 DPT + 1 booster 3 POLIO + 1 booster
2 MMR Hepatitis B Series
TDAP Booster (7th Grade) Variciella (chicken pox) – 2 vaccines for 6th gr.

OUT-OF-STATE TRANSFERSStudents entering a Pasco County School for the first time must have ALL of the above items PLUS  the following items:

  1. CURRENT PHYSICAL – dated and signed by a physician within the last 12 months and specifies heart, lungs and blood pressure.  Needs to be more than a statement that reads “child is in good health or normal”.
  2. VERIFICATION OF BIRTH – Birth Certificate

Summer Info

Summer vacation lasts from May 27th to August 11th.

Registration Day is Tuesday, August 8th (more details to come later).

Students return to school on Monday August 14th.

Wishing you a healthy, happy, and safe summer!

Call (813) 794-6500 this summer to schedule an appointment with Mrs. Pinsky for registration during the summer or other questions.