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Counselors in the Classroom

Starting in October, school counselors will work on rotation to teach the first lesson of the year.  8th grade lessons are the Safer Smarter Teens curriculum, which teach students about safety skills for teens.  6th and 7th grade lessons are the Orientation lesson, teaching students who their counselor is, how to access counseling support, what a counselor helps with, and ways to solve conflict.

6th Grade Conflict Lesson

Counseling for Students

We welcome our students new to Raymond B. Stewart Middle School and welcome back returning students!  Although summer was short, we look forward to a successful school year full of learning!

Your counselors are here to support you and are as follows:

Grade/Program: Staff:
6th grade Mrs. Pinsky
7th grade Last Name A-L Mrs. Pinsky
7th grade Last Name M-Z Mrs. Holzum
8th grade Mrs. Holzum
AVID: all grades Mrs. Holzum
Infinity Academy: all grades Mrs. Pinsky
Attendance, all grades Mrs. Campbell

Mrs. Estrada, with MCUSA, is joining us this year to provide support to students in her program and Ms. Webb, of PACE, is providing support to students in her program.

We look forward to working with our students, families, and staff for the most successful year ever!


Twin Admin: Mrs. Johnson & Mrs. Brooks

Red Ribbon Week began Monday 10/27 to celebrate making healthy, drug-free choices.

  • Mon. 10/27: Wear Red View Corbin Bleu video
  • Tues. 10/28:  Mix-It-Up Day (backwards, inside-out, mismatched -school appropriate clothes)  View Bethany Hamilton video
  • Wed. 10/29: Buddy Up Against Drugs (Twin Day) View Mike Conley video
  • Thurs. 10/30:  “Team Up” Against Drugs (collegiate team attire)
  • Fri 10/31:   Spirit Day, Fall Fest

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Welcome current 5th graders to RBSMS!

This week, Raymond B. Stewart Middle School staff and students are visiting our main elementary feeder schools to share all the wonderful opportunities for our soon-to-be students here at Stewart Middle.  We are  so excited to come out to our schools to show our bulldog pride!

On 3/3, our cheerleaders, band members, and Band Director Mr. Schmidt accompanied  6th grade counselor Ms.Pinsky and Assistant Principal Ms. Johnson to West Zephyrhills Elementary School.  Also, at 6:30, our Principal Ms. Davis and ZHS principal Mr. Frelick present the Infinity program at NRES.

On Tuesday 3/4, Ms. Pinsky and Ms. Johnson will be accompanied by cheerleaders out to Woodland Elementary school.  Our principal Ms. Davis and ZHS principal Mr. Frelick will present about the Infinity program to WZES at 6:30 pm.


On Wednesday 3/5, our cheerleaders, band members,  Band Director Mr. Schmidt,  Ms. Pinsky and Ms. Johnson visit Chester W. Taylor Elementary School.  Our principal Ms. Davis and ZHS principal Mr. Frelick will present about the Infinity program to WES at 6:30 pm.

On Thursday 3/6, our principal Ms. Davis and ZHS principal Mr. Frelick will present about the Infinity program at CWTES at 6:30 pm.

On Monday 3/10 at 6:00pm, RBSMS is hosting our  Parent University night
for A L L   I n c o m i n g  6th  g r a d e   students!  We look forward to seeing all our new Bulldogs and their parents!  

Classroom Guidance Lessons


Mrs. Holzum will be teaching eighth grade students the in Florida’s CHOICES career education program in our Digital Dawg Lab to complete the career components of our curriculum during the month of January.


Mrs. Pinsky will teach in early January to all 6th grade students the styles of conflict resolution and a variety of tools to use to resolve conflict.  No single strategy will work all the time with every person in every situation, so we need to know and use a variety of options to use when disagreeing with others so that conflict doesn’t result in misunderstandings, lost friendships, or aggressive outcomes.   Conflict Lesson for 6th Grade Powerpoint.


Guidance Groups Grooving Along

The Professional School Counselors at R.B. Stewart’s Guidance Department provide Tier II Guidance support groups for each grade level.  At-risk students are receiving evidence-based curricula support for study skills, social skills, and self-management strategies.  Small group instruction is an effective, and fun, way students learn necessary skills and receive (and learn to provide) support for one another.

Grades 6-8 Evidence-based Tier II Curricula to support middle school at-risk students’ academic, social, emotional growth.

Honor Roll Celebration

We are excited to announce our 1st Quarter Honor Roll Ceremony on Friday, November 8, 2013. During this time we will be recognizing students who received a 3.2 grade point average (GPA) or higher for 1st Quarter.

We realize the amount of hard work and dedication it
takes for students to achieve honor roll status and we
look forward to celebrating their success. The 7th and
8th grade ceremony will take place at 9:15 a.m., and
the 6th grade ceremony will be held at 2:00 p.m. in the