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9/26 Erase The Hate: Flip Negatives to Positives

Today’s theme:  Sometimes what we think of as our weaknesses are actually strengths — it’s all how you look at it.

Today’s news and video: https://youtu.be/ktXO5AUVKzo

Today’s teacher-led ACT time activity:  view video of Kid President

Today’s Remind messages: 

9/24 Erase The Hate: Power of the Bystander — Different is Cool!

Erase The Hate Week is RBSMS’ annual event celebrating everyone’s uniqueness and appreciating our differences. Starting 9/21-10/1, each day has a different theme, video, and activities to help us al build the best school climate possible!

Monday 9/24’s theme:  Power of the Bystander — Different is Cool!

Today’s Remind messages, news message & video, ACT time video, and teacher-led ACT discussion all focused on the power of the bystander to intervene (4D’s were taught during Counselor lessons: Direct the bully to stop, Distract the bully, Delegate an adult to intervene, Delay – check back on victim, ensure they’re ok.