Q3 Honor Roll Ceremony

Our school’s Quarter 3 Honor Roll ceremony will take place today, Friday, May 2nd in our cafetorium. The ceremony for our 7th and 8th graders will begin promptly at 9:15 a.m.  and the ceremony for our 6th graders will begin at 2 p.m.

Course Cards Overdue!

All course cards and applications for all grade levels for all students need to be turned in as they are overdue.  RBSMS wants to provide our students with  opportunities for  learning that supports the student’s individual interests, but we can only do that when the course cards are completed and returned to us!  If your course card is not in, please get your course card to us today!


Welcome current 5th graders to RBSMS!

This week, Raymond B. Stewart Middle School staff and students are visiting our main elementary feeder schools to share all the wonderful opportunities for our soon-to-be students here at Stewart Middle.  We are  so excited to come out to our schools to show our bulldog pride!

On 3/3, our cheerleaders, band members, and Band Director Mr. Schmidt accompanied  6th grade counselor Ms.Pinsky and Assistant Principal Ms. Johnson to West Zephyrhills Elementary School.  Also, at 6:30, our Principal Ms. Davis and ZHS principal Mr. Frelick present the Infinity program at NRES.

On Tuesday 3/4, Ms. Pinsky and Ms. Johnson will be accompanied by cheerleaders out to Woodland Elementary school.  Our principal Ms. Davis and ZHS principal Mr. Frelick will present about the Infinity program to WZES at 6:30 pm.


On Wednesday 3/5, our cheerleaders, band members,  Band Director Mr. Schmidt,  Ms. Pinsky and Ms. Johnson visit Chester W. Taylor Elementary School.  Our principal Ms. Davis and ZHS principal Mr. Frelick will present about the Infinity program to WES at 6:30 pm.

On Thursday 3/6, our principal Ms. Davis and ZHS principal Mr. Frelick will present about the Infinity program at CWTES at 6:30 pm.

On Monday 3/10 at 6:00pm, RBSMS is hosting our  Parent University night
for A L L   I n c o m i n g  6th  g r a d e   students!  We look forward to seeing all our new Bulldogs and their parents!  

ZHS Principal with RBSMS 8th Graders 3/4

8th graders zoned for Zephyrhills High: Mr. Frelick, ZHS principal, will be at our cafeteria on Tuesday, March 4th to discuss next year’s course options. Later that same evening, the ZHS Curriculum Fair will be held at the ZHS campus at 7 pm with ZHS Administrators, teachers, and guidance counselors available to answer any questions you may have. We encourage you to attend this event in order to ensure a smooth transition to high school. Continue reading ZHS Principal with RBSMS 8th Graders 3/4

2/21 8th Grade Field Trip to WCHS

Attention 8th graders zoned for Wesley Chapel High School:  Friday, February 21st is the field trip to WCHS for an elective pep rally and school tour. We will  leave RBSMS at  9:45 am and  return about 12:45pm. If you typically eat school lunch, you will be provided with a bag lunch for that day. In order to attend, your signed permission slip MUST be turned into Mrs. Holzum by 1st period  Thursday, February 20th. See Mrs. Holzum in the cafeteria during 8th grade lunch if you have misplaced the permission slip or the other informational flyers.

Stomp Out Hate Dance 1/31/14

R.B. Stewart Middle School held its 2nd Annual Erase The Hate Week 1/27-1/31, with a dance on Friday to STOMP OUT HATE.  Students were asked to create pictures, slogans and art for a Unity Quilt to be displayed for the dance to promote acceptance and diversity.  As you can see from the images below, the student work is outstanding.  Click below to enjoy the images.