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AP Exam & Review Day

3/25/2020 UPDATE: AP Exam Review is cancelled. Today starts online AP Reviews by College Board on their Youtube channel. AP Exams will be taken at home. More info to follow.

As of 3/5/2020, AP Exams begin in 60 days. Students in AP classes will want to begin preparing for their AP exams now, if they haven’t already.

  • On Saturday, 3/28 at 8:00AM, Pasco Schools is offering their annual AP Review Day with sessions focused on many of the AP exam areas.
  • FIRST-COME FIRST-SERVED limited availability — don’t wait to sign up or it may be closed. STEP 1: go to and login/create account. STEP2: select your sessions.

AP exams begin Monday May 4th 2020. See above image for schedule

PSAT & AP scores

There are two options to view PSAT and AP exam scores:

  1. Students can log in to their College Board account.  Parents can create a parent College Board account, as well—but it doesn’t have the full access that students do.  
  2. Test scores are also available on myStudent
  • Parents can view test scores on the parent portal on myStudent: on the left side, click on “My Child”, and then Click on “Test History”.  All student test scores will appear there.
  • Students can view test scores on myStudent:  on the left side, click on “My Information” and then click on “Test History”.  All student test scores will appear there.