2016 Erase The Hate Week

From Monday 11/28 – Friday 12/2, we celebrate our 5th annual Erase The Hate week, which promotes appreciating each person’s uniqueness and celebrating our rich diversity, regardless of backgrounds, race, religion, orientation or other differences.  Morning news will feature messages of acceptance and appreciation for differences.  On 12/1,  all lunches will have the activity” I Won’t Stand For ____” and, on 12/2, Mix-It Up At Lunch.

Videos to be shown during the week:

Mon 11/28:  Mrs. Pinsky –  ETH Rationale  Kid President’s 20 things (3:31)

Tues 11/29: Mrs. Holzum – Fear masquerades as Hate   Erase The Hate – Insecurities (1:43)

Wed 11/30: Ms. Webb & Ms. Campbell – Differences are what make you interesting   Embrace Your Differences  (2:53)

Thursday 12/1:  Ms. Campbell & Ms. Webb – What you do and do not stand for   Characters Unite (0.57)

Friday 12/2:  Mrs. Banks- benefits of mixing it up (having different friends with different interests, beliefs, backgrounds)  Characters Unite: Dulé Hill (1:16)  Lunch:  Mix-It-Up At Lunch.  mix-it-up-slideshow


At December 8th‘s Community Connections Night, Mrs. Holzum will host a session for the parents of 8th graders to apply for the Pasco Education Foundation’s Take Stock in Children Scholarship. Information, deadline date, and resources to contact will be provided.  Criteria includes a semester GPA of  2.50 or higher, no discipline issues, and agreement to remain crime-free & drug-free and to maintain good grades and attendance. This scholarship provides up to a 4-year tuition-free scholarship, college readiness coach, mentor.  Families must provide W2, 1040, and pay stub information to support income eligibility requirements.

Additionally, there are scholarships to apply for that are available to all middle school students (Kohls’ Kids Who Care, Doodle4Google, Gloria Barron Young Heroes, Healers Trilogy, Patriots Pen, Angela Award, Scholastic Art/Writing):  https://www.unigo.com/pay-for-college/scholarships/you-re-never-too-young-for-scholarships


Q1 Honor Roll

Quarter 1 Honor Roll will be on Monday, November 14th at 9:15 in our gymnasium for all 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade students earning above 3.20 GPA in quarter 1.  We look forward to celebrating your hard work with the ceremony, certificate, dog tag, and cookies and punch in the commons afterward.