Current Meal Prices

Reduced Price Breakfast: $0.30
Reduced Price Lunch: $0.40

Full Price Breakfast

Elementary: $1.35
Secondary: $1.50
Charter K-8: $1.50
Charter High School: $1.65

Full Price Lunch

Elementary: $2.50

Middle: $3.00


Charter K-8: $2.75
Charter High School: $3.50

*Charter school meal prices include the additional cost of packing and transporting meals to site.


* Contact your student’s cafeteria manager to obtain a meal account refund.

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Strawberries are one of the most popular, refreshing, and healthy treats available. The 600 varieties of strawberries found today stem from five to six original wild species and are a member of the rose family. The sweet, slightly tart berries rank among the top 10...

Florida Dairy Council rewards Anclote Elementary School

The Florida Dairy Council came to Anclote Elementary School today and gave every student that participated in breakfast a light-up YOYO.  AES was being rewarded for having increases their milk consumption this year.  Everyone at the school, children and...

Pasco County’s Food & Nutrition Services visits Tallahassee

Pasco Food & Nutrition Services visited the State Capitol on January 30th during the 2018 Legislative Action Caucus (LAC) to meet with legislators regarding several bills. Topics that were discussed were those pertaining to school gardens and prohibiting students...

Fuel up for the FSA!!

Food and Nutrition Services will provide a free breakfast to all students scheduled to take the FSA on the day of their test. Obtain the schedule of testing from your school’s administration.  Elementary students wishing to receive a free breakfast should go to...

Fresh Featured Fruit For October: PEARS!!!

There are ten varieties of USA Pears, each with its own color, flavor, & texture. Pears are in season nearly year-round. They are a great source of fiber, potassium, antioxidants and vitamin C. Pears are one of the most easily digested fruits and people rarely...

After Irma

So grateful that Hurricane Irma downgraded on her path to Pasco County as the losses could have been far worse. Our school's staff really stepped up in this time of need. We opened 22 shelters that housed more than 22,500 people and over 1,800 pets during the...

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