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 Food and Nutrition Services is pleased to offer parents a convenient, inexpensive, and safe way to pay for their child’s school meals online using a debit or credit card through our prepayment service provider, It’s a quick and easy way to ensure there is always lunch money on their child’s account. By utilizing this service, parents can also view the meal their child selects for lunch.

Parents can use the “Smart Pay” option. This option allows you to establish an automatic payment amount, so when your child’s account reaches a certain low dollar amount (established by you), the automatic payment amount you selected is deposited into your child’s account from your credit or debit card. If you do not want an automatic payment, you can still receive email reminders when your child’s account balance drops below $5.00. This feature can be activated under the “Email Notification” settings. Both options can help to fund your child’s account without interrupting meal purchases. Not only can you make prepayments, you can view your child’s account balances and view a seven day meal history. This will help to show you what your child is purchasing daily. Please remember, there will be a $1.75 convenience fee for each separate payment you make to your child’s account.

Information needed to register an account on

  • Student’s School
  • Grade
  • Birth Date
  • *District Student ID #

*This is a 6 digit number unique to each student that the district uses to identify students for record keeping purposes. If you do not know your child’s student ID #, please contact the Food and Nutrition Services Manager at your child’s school.

Employees may also utilize this service to apply money toward their school meal account. Please contact our finance team to set up an employee or adult school meal account at (813) 794-2281.

For more information on the services and transaction fees for student accounts, please visit or call 1 (800) 479-3531.

Please Note: Any money remaining on your child’s account from last year will carry over to this school year.

FAQ’s for

What is the customer (or student) ID number?

It is a 6 digit number unique to each student that the district uses to identify students for record keeping purposes.

How do I find out my child’s student ID#?

You may call the FNS manager at your school, or request this info from the FNS District Office. You will be asked to provide your child’s name, school, grade, birth date and address for security purposes.

How quickly after I make a payment will the monies be available in my child’s account at school?

Balances are update at the school site within 24 hours, and available for use.

How come the money I put into my child’s account is not there?

As a reminder it takes up to 24 hours after you make a payment for the money to be available and balances to be updated on the website. Also, if any information you provide does not match the school district’s information (i.e. birth date, customer ID#, grade), or if the setup is incomplete the transaction will be voided and you will receive an e-mail requesting you to verify your account info.

What if I make a mistake during account set-up and the money goes into another child’s account?

It is highly unlikely that monies you intend for your child’s account will go into another child’s account. The setup is based on 5 criteria: customer/student ID#, birth date, child’s name, school, and grade. If one of these criteria does not exactly match the information that the school district has on file for your child, the payment will be voided and you will receive e-mail notification.

Does provide a confirmation of a transaction?

A confirmation page is generated upon completion of the transaction – you will receive an e-mail only if there is a problem processing your payment.

Is there any way my child could go in and modify his/her own account?

The only way for anyone to modify your account is if they know the login and password you created, and your credit or debit card number. Please keep this information safe.

Can I change my credit card information on my child’s account setup once I have made a payment?

You can change the credit card you use as needed, but once a payment has been submitted and the transaction has been finalized, any changes made will only apply to future transactions.

Is there a charge to view my child’s account?

A free service provided by allows parents to view account balances and meal history; parents only need to create an account. Cash and check payments will continue to be accepted, as in the past.

Why do I have to pay the $1.75 convenience fee?

There are costs associated with processing online debit/credit card payments. Since this convenient service is optional, those wishing to make a payment will need to pay the $1.95 convenience fee.

How does the $1.75 work?

The $1.75 convenience fee will be charged for each payment transaction. If you have three students at one school and put $50 into each of their accounts, it is considered one transaction. One fee of $1.75 will be charged for a total charge to your credit/debit card of $151.95. Payments to multiple student accounts at different schools are considered separate transactions.

Is the online payment required?

No – You can still write checks or send cash, but online payments provide more control, efficiency, time savings, and greater accountability.

Will I be informed when my child’s account reaches a certain level?

Yes, under the “Email Notification” settings, you can select the option to be notified by email every time your child’s balance drops below $5.00. This reminder helps parents to fund their child’s account without interrupting meal purchases.

What if I prefer to make automatic payments?

“Smart Pay” is an option you can select during account set-up. You set the low balance amount and automatic payment amount, so when your child’s account reaches the low balance, the automatic payment amount you selected, is deposited into your child’s account from your credit/debit card.

Can I utilize “meal controls” through the website?

Yes, but we prefer that FNS Managers personally speak with any parent who would like to put a restriction on their child’s account. This is to ensure that the Manager is aware of, and fully understands what restriction the parent would like, and the parent knows exactly how it will affect their child when they purchase meals. Parents can still have specific meal controls put on their child’s account such as, “Snacks Only on Friday.” They simply have to call the FNS Manager at their child’s school and request a specific restriction.

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