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Prom tickets go on sale Wednesday 3/23 for seniors during lunches.

All Prom information can be found at the LOLHS webpage:

COST: $75 per person ($85 on 4/11). See for more info

OFF-TRACK APPEALS: The deadline to fill out appeal form if off-track is April 1st. See for more info

DRESS CODE: Prom_dress_code2022 form

***QUESTIONS***: Ask Mr. Batchelor if you have questions about appeals and eligibility. Ask Ms. Hydes if you have prom questions

Four free tutoring resources

There are a few different options for tutoring help with homework:

  1. this is a free tutoring online program that some of our students are a part of.
  2. this is the site that our students created to use to schedule and provide free tutoring from LOLHS students.
  3. Then there is SMARTTHINKING online tutoring which is accessed right through your myLearning/Canvas course on the left-hand side. It is very slow but you do work with a real person and they help you step by step. See detailed information below.
  4. Lastly, you can ALWAYS reach out to your teacher and ask for help and schedule a separate Zoom with them 🙂

Embedded into every student’s myLearning account is 600,000 (six hundred thousand) minutes of free tutoring per student. This tutoring is available every single day, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. It has a real life tutor there in live time answering questions, helping with science homework or English, or AP Stats, etc.

College Visits 2020-21

If you plan to attend the college presentations:

College visit: UCF

UF college admissions presentation 9/24
Check her blog regularly for more presentations
Sign up here:

Contact Info For Support

Student Services team members are available Monday through Friday to meet any needs that may arise.  If you need assistance, please contact your grade level counselor between the hours of 8AM-4PM. 

Below is our contact information:  

If you need immediate assistance after 4PM, our student services team members are on call Monday through Friday until 8PM.

Monday: Jillian Baker, Cameron Moody (Backup: Jen Gobeli)
Tuesday: Jen Gobeli, Kristin Mahoney (Backup: Cameron Moody)
Wednesday: Amy Pinsky, Jen Gobeli (Backup: Jillian Baker)
Thursday: Kristin Mahoney, Val Abram (Backup: Amy Pinsky)
Friday: Cameron Moody, Val Abram (Backup: Jillian Baker)

Resources for Successful Distance Learning

  • Distance Learning begins 3/31 for all students. View video by Ms. Glenn describing the asynchronous learning model.
  • State testing including 10th FSA ELA has been suspended.
  • AP exams will take place at home — daily AP reviews posted on by College Board to prepare for exams
  • DE classes are now entirely online — see SmartThinking for online tutoring
  • Coenrolled Adult Ed will continue for students in credit recovery
  • Managing Your Time: Creating a plan isn’t always easy, this worksheet helps students learn the tips and tricks of time management.
  • Note Taking Skills: Taking notes is critical, especially during a time of learning challenges. This worksheet provides students with all the details needed to be an effective note taker. 
  • Developing Study Skills: There are eight key components to studying. This worksheet walks students through each step and allow them to develop those skills.

Resources for Parents and Teens during quarantine

Being a teenager during this time of social and physical distancing is developmentally difficult.

Also, if you are not on my Remind: you’ve missed a significant number of postings about exams (AP, FSA ELA, and EOCs) as well as the district’s rollout of distance learning, which starts for students on March 31st, with electronics distribution at school on 3/30 for students with no other access to online learning. To join my Remind, text the message @LOLHS2022 to the number 81010

Resources for Parents and Students

Parents: We know this time will be difficult for you as well, so we want to provide you with some resources to use while your students are at home:

Ideas for students while at home:

  • Journal!
  • Write a Letter to a Friend or Family Member!
  • Make a List of Things You’re Grateful For!
  • Read a Book or Magazine…for fun!
  • Have a Dance Party with Friends via FaceTime!
  • Disconnect from Social Media…even if it’s just for 30 minutes!
  • Center Yourself When Things Get Overwhelming By Practicing Mindfulness Techniques
  • Virtually Tour Museums: Google Arts and Culture
  • Virtually Visit the Zoo: Cincinnati Zoo Home Safari Each day at Noon on Facebook