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Coenrolled adult ed

Students invited to attend coenrolled Adult Ed will have a letter explaining the adult ed opportunity at LOLHS and the other is the application for a parent and student to complete/sign/return. Students cannot be enrolled without returning the completed form.

DATE & TIME: Tuesdays/Thursdays, 2:45-4:45 starting Feb 13th through April 30th, with pickup promptly at 4:45 — family must arrange transportation

Enrolling in this is not mandatory, but it is a great opportunity for students to recover credits in English/Math classes where they earned a D or F in a class with a certified teacher – none of the other recovery options have a teacher certified in that subject area right there to assist with questions, but this opportunity DOES.  This is ONLY Math students recovering with a Math teacher, ONLY English students recover with an English teacher.

One important note:  there is a minimum seat requirement for the course, meaning that students must attend almost all of the time in order to earn credit… if students miss more than a few (the teacher can tell the specific number), they cannot earn the credit –> the seat-time requirement must be met.

Per Pasco Schools’ Progression Plan:  any grade, C or higher, earned for a course repeated for credit (regular school, virtual school, ESY, or adult education) will replace the former grade in GPA calculation; however, all course outcomes will still be documented in the cumulative record and automated system.

The minimum GPA to graduate is a 2.0, so recovering failed semesters can definitely impact progress toward meeting that GPA.