The members of Pasco Schools’ Food and Nutrition Services Department are always happy to hear from you. We will always do our best to provide assistance in a professional and courteous manner.

First Name Last Name Position Phone  Email
Aimee Starkey Senior Associate Administration 813-794-2439
Johnathon Sanchez BCE Student 813-794-2479
Giselle Pullara Associate Marketing 813-794-2034
Megan  Evans Associate Nutrition 813-794-2023
Renae Artlip Senior Associate Nutrition 813-794-2035
Tiffany  Gosney Specialist of Nutrition Team 813-794-2379​
Ashley Jones Specialist of Nutrition Team 813-794-2059
Amanda Musick Program Manager Nutrition 813-794-2183
Rick  Kurtz Consultant  813-794-2474
Barry Burgess Specialist of Facilities/Equipment 813-794-2443
Joanann Aldi Associate Finance  813-794-2440
Jennifer Ferraiolo Senior Associate Finance  813-794-2740
Maureen Cerreta Specialist of Finance 813-794-2437
Megan Sexton Specialist of Finance 813-794-2480
Sylvia Leeb Program Manager Finance 813-794-2281
Katie Wright Specialist of Payroll 813-794-2060
Mary Sabat-Tirado Associate Team Development 813-794-2087
Tara Carrion Associate Team Development 813-794-2014
JoHannah Kolianos Specialist of Team Development 813-794-2403
Keirsten Kirschbaum Program Mgr Team Development 813-794-2438
Cindy Norvell Specialist of School Support 813-794-2512
Julie Norris Specialist of School Support 813-794-2412
Karen Kimble Specialist of School Support 813-794-2511
Marilyn Burgess Specialist of School Support 813-794-2917
Shawn Bull Specialist of Culinary Operations 813-794-2951
Suzanne Pawelek Specialist of Quality Assurance 813-794-2536
Sarah Wood Program Manager of Operations 813-794-2436
Romary Perez Technology Services Technician  813-794-2015
Paul Baker Technology Services Technician  813-794-2089
Jorge Pejot Vending Technician 813-794-2677
John Rice Technology Services Specialist 813-794-2645
Christopher Contrabasso Technology Services Analyst 813-794-2195
Josh Nelson Supervisor of Information Services 813-794-2197
Stephanie Spicknall Senior Program Manager 813-794-2739
Julie Hedine Director  813-794-2435
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