So grateful that Hurricane Irma downgraded on her path to Pasco County as the losses could have been far worse. Our school’s staff really stepped up in this time of need. We opened 22 shelters that housed more than 22,500 people and over 1,800 pets during the hurricane.

Our Food and Nutrition employees worked tirelessly to provide meals to evacuees. Not only were they serving meals but they also moved food from non-shelter schools to shelter schools across the county while Irma was moving in. Numerous FNS staff members that had to evacuate their own homes chose to help serve in our shelters. They reported to their schools to get things organized, then ran home to quickly pack some things and secure their homes, after which they returned to the shelter to provide meals for other evacuees. Many had their family members volunteering as well. Some of our FNS District office staff members showed up at shelter sites to prepare food, serve meals and clean up. Many of our employees are still without power but are reporting to work to get the schools ready to open on Monday September 18th. It is truly humbling to see such a selfless group of people with such caring, serving hearts. You are real HEROES!

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