DE Spring 2021 Info

Dual Enrollment info has posted for second semester of the 2020-2021 school year (spring 2021).
Here is the link for the district information:


  1. Please read the above link closely and follow the links — most answers to questions are either on that page or on one of the links on the page.
  2. Complete the worksheet & meet with your counselor(s) — Mrs. Pinsky and Ms. Bridger by October28th.
    1. Ms. Bridger: schedule at or call the Advising Office (727) 816-3201 or the Information Center (727) 847-2727 and schedule PHSC advisement appointments 
    2. Mrs. Pinsky: schedule at
  3. Put the deadlines in your calendar with reminders:
    1. 11/13-ish notification to your PHSC email if approved/denied,
    2. 11/18 mandatory web registration (times vary based on number of DE credits you’ve earned),
    3. 01/07 new-to-DE students create an online application at
  4. Complete the online readiness and de orientation to canvas classes. This FAQ walks you through the steps: Students who have not completed this will not be able to register for Spring  courses