Pasco eSchool Course Registration

Pasco eSchool Student Registration Guide

  1. Visit and click “Enroll” in the top right navigation.
  2. Enrollment pop-up window: • Select “Grades 6-12” next to County Virtual School
  3. Get started New students:
    • Select “New Students Start Here”
    • Customize your catalog by selecting your state, county, and student type
    • Click “Continue” Returning students:
    • If you have an existing login, input your username and password
    • Click “Log In”
  4. Enroll in courses:
    Click on desired course to view more details, such as Description, Topics and Concepts, Prerequisites, and more.
    • Choose the semesters (1, 2, or Both)
    • If applicable, check the box verifying you meet noted prerequisites
    • Select your preferred start date
    • Select Florida Virtual School or your County Virtual School
    • Click “Continue”
  5. Follow the prompts by selecting:
    • Your reason(s) for enrolling with FLVS
    • If this course is on your physical school schedule • How you heard about FLVS
    • Click “Continue”
  6. Review your backpack:
    • Review courses selected, including start dates and semesters chosen
    • Click “Edit” to make changes or “Delete” to remove from My Backpack
    • To sign up for more, click “Add More Courses” and follow same process
    • Click “Continue” Returning students, please skip to step #11

7. Create your account:

  • Click “Create My Account”
  • Complete all the fields onscreen (Anything with an orange * is required)
  • Click “Sign Up”
  • Write down your Username and Password 8. Complete your student information:
  • Complete all the fields onscreen (Anything with an orange * is required)
  • Click “Next” when you complete each page 9. Complete your parent/guardian information:
  • Complete all the fields in the next screen (Anything with an orange * must be filled in)
  • Click “Next” when you complete each page 10. Select your race/ethnicity:
    The Department of Education requires this information • Select appropriate boxes
    • Click “Next” 11. Verify that all information is correct, and click “Continue” 12. Review the student and parent/guardian commitments: • Check the appropriate boxes
    • Click “Submit” 13. Completeyourregistration:

• To finalize registration and place you with an instructor, the following verification is required:
» Homeschool students: guardian verification
» Public, Private, or Charter School students: guidance verification

You can review selections by clicking “View Course Request Summary.”