Current Meal Prices

Reduced Price Breakfast: $0.30
Reduced Price Lunch: $0.40

Full Price Breakfast

Elementary: $1.35
Secondary: $1.50
Charter K-8: $1.50
Charter High School: $1.60

Full Price Lunch

Elementary: $2.25
Secondary: $3.00
Charter K-8: $2.70
Charter High School: $3.25

*Charter school meal prices include the additional cost of packing and transporting meals to site

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B-B-B- Breakfast… It’s the Best Part of the Day!

Nutrition Education - 2016   Throughout the summer our Nutrtition Ed duo visited 14 different sites to teach the children the importance of eating Breakfast. The curriculum stressed the importance of eating breakfast in a fun and colorful manner which engaged the...

Got Milk?

Just the Facts! All milk contains a unique combination of nutrients important for growth & development.  Milk is the #1 food source of 3 of the 4 nutrients of concern identified by the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans: calcium, vitamin D, and potassium.  It's...

Calling ALL Chefs!'s-beginners/for-schools?utm_campaign=bensbeginners&utm_medium=eblast&utm_source=snasmartbrief&utm_content=HTML&utm_term=learnmore...

School Lunch Hero Day 2016

 The National School Nutrition Organization has designated the 1st Friday in May as a day to celebrate our hero’s! The purpose of this day is to recognize those who prepare healthy meals for our students, adhere to strict nutrition standards,...

Trinity Elementary – Breakfast with Mom

A healthy breakfast is the best way to start off the day and is important for everyone. From eggs and bacon to muffins and fruit, Trinity Elementary celebrated their annual Breakfast with Mom on April 29th. Each year the school PTO organizes this event so that the...

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