A healthy breakfast is the best way to start off the day and is important for everyone. From eggs and bacon to muffins and fruit, Trinity Elementary celebrated their annual Breakfast with Mom on April 29th. Each year the school PTO organizes this event so that the children can spend quality time and enjoy a delicious breakfast with their child(ren). As the morning began the stream of students with their moms were amazing! The line wrapped around the entire cafeteria as the crowd poured in. Research has shown that kids who eat breakfast each morning tend to be more alert in school and are less likely to be overweight. When children skip breakfast, their brains and bodies suffer all day long. The school served a total of 568 (Moms & Students) for breakfast that morning! Beautiful handmade decorations filled the cafeteria with notes of “Mom”, “I love you”, and many more!

“Mother’s are like buttons – they hold everything together”


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