Abraham Lincoln Visits Moon Lake Elementary School


What an awesome surprise to walk into your lunch room and see none other than Abraham Lincoln! That is exactly what happened to students at Moon Lake Elementary on April 21st! The look of shock and excitement was quite common as they were coming in to lunch. One little girl asked “How did he come back from the dead?”

Once the children were seated to eat lunch Honest Abe would tell short stories from his childhood or when he was in the White House. These stories were very delightful and many times humorous. After each story he would ask “did you like that story” to which the children would all say “YES!!” Then he would ask “Would you like to hear another one,” with a loud response of “YES!!”


After 3 or 4 stories he would take photos with the children and answered questions.  He even ate his lunch from our cafeteria which of course was quite healthy!


IMG_2644**Abraham Lincoln was portrayed by John Voehl, Presenter & Historian

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