Our Summer feeding program has been a huge success. Overall participation went up 3.75% from last year.  In June we served: 49,522 breakfasts, 80,623 lunches and 7,676 snacks. Last year we had approximately 5,000 walk-ins all summer. This year we had that many in the month of June alone. Walk-ins are community members who come to a school site just to eat, not because they are enrolled in a program there.  We served 722 children and 144 adults (through community donations) at the SPIKE events held in June. Mobile participation at existing sites is up 9.20% from last year. Mobile participation overall is up 41.14% due to the addition of multiple vans delivery meals to community parks and libraries. A big thank you to all the hard working FNS employees that made feeding all these children possible.


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