This week (June 25th – June 28th) is our 2018 Leadership Academy training.  This training occurs every June and is offered to all employees who want to proactively grow their leadership skills and are contemplating a path of advancement within Pasco County Schools Food and Nutrition Services.

In this 4-day Leadership training, attendees receive the following education:

  • Learn an approach to embracing more individual change and better habits, yielding more productive behaviors and results.
  • Focus energy on what you can change, take responsibility, and have accountability for your choices in life.
  • Understand the styles of communication in the workplace.
  • Define vision and values, set measurable team and personal goals, align goals to priorities, and obtain desired outcomes.
  • Develop personal trustworthiness in the pursuit of long-term relationships and team building.
  • Listen with the intent to understand others as the first step in communicating viewpoints effectively and understand stressors in the workplace.
  • Learn the ten steps of effective listening and its values.
  • Activities throughout the program that involves breathing exercises, role playing scenarios, and how to build a resume.
  • A variety of guest speakers throughout the program discussing personal techniques and values.
  • Establish valuable, lasting professional relationships with your fellow participants and co-workers.
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