Nutrition Education – 2016


Throughout the summer our Nutrtition Ed duo visited 14 different sites to teach the children the importance of eating Breakfast. The curriculum stressed the importance of eating breakfast in a fun and colorful manner which engaged the children. Children left the session knowing that breakfast is the “most important meal of the day” and that they could get free breakfast all summer through our summer feeding program!


Our team was joined by Organwise Annie & Organwise Andy who helped to demonstrate what organs in our body are affected by not eating breakfast. Sir Rebrum, our brain, doesn’t get the carbs he needs to wake up so he’s sleepy and doesn’t want to read or do his school work; Pepto, our stomach, gets angry and growls when he doesn’t get fed so he disrupts Sir Rebrum. Madame Muscle don’t get the protein to work properly.

Next our team asked the children if they ate breakfast and what their favorite food item was. If there were children who did not eat breakfast they were asked why? For each reason we had a response to encourage them. For example:
 Not enough time : eat breakfast at the school
 Not hungry : eat a snack later at the school
 Nothing to eat at home: eat breakfast at the school.

The Children were then taught how each food group helped their body to wake up and then they watched “Breakfast Skippin’ Blues” by the Organwise Guys which reviewed what they had been taught.


After the video was viewed the duo taught the children a dance to the Organwise Song “B-B-B-BREAKFAST”
At the end of the visit the students knew that Breakfast was the “most important meal of the day,” it is always available during our summer feeding program and during the school year, AND learned an awesome dance to B-B-B-Breakfast.

***Lyrics are attached to B-B-B-Breakfast

Poached eggs, scrambled eggs, fried over easy
I like omelets when they’re really, really cheesy.
Some people eat bread, and some eat rice,
And some think miso soup is nice!

B-B-B Breakfast – It’s the best meal of the day.
B-B-B-Breakfast – I’m a cereal gourmet.
Fruit and muffins. Scrambled eggs with low-fat cheese.
How can you lose when you start the day with these?

Some people like muffins or bagels with lox.
Some eat cereal, straight from the box.
Some flip for pancakes. Or grits is what they want.
In France, some people eat a chocolate croissant.


BRIDGE Buckwheat pancakes. Scrambled eggs with low-fat cheese.
French toast, bagels and oatmeal please.
Yogurt, muffins, cantaloupe. Grits and tangerines.
But watch how much you eat, or you’re gonna rip your jeans!


Fruit helps start the day off with a bang. Oh . . .
I like eatin’ oranges, bananas and mango.
Some drink juice, and some prefer green tea.
It’s low-fat milk if you leave it up to me!


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