Vital Health Profiles

Services available for employees, retirees, spouses & dependents covered under the district's Florida Blue medical plan.


By completing your annual Vital Health Profile (VHP) lab draw and follow-up physical, you will obtain important information about your health and become eligible for an incentive reward through the District’s Health and Wellness Incentive (HWI) Program.

My Health Onsite Offers a FREE Annual Health Assessment
My Health Onsite offers a complimentary personalized health assessment called the Vital Health Profile (VHP), previously known as Health Risk Assessment (HRA), which includes biometric screening and laboratory studies. The VHP gives patients an opportunity to review their results with our medical provider and receive a complete physical.



1. Vital Health History
History Questionnaire which can be completed at the Health Center or from the Patient Portal.

2. Nurse/Lab Visit
Complete Biometrics & Annual Labs

3. Provider Visit
Annual Labs & biometrics are reviewed and a physical performed