Pasco Go Healthy Walking Challenge Winter 2022

This program is open to ALL Pasco County School employees

Are you ready for a challenge? The Pasco Go Healthy (PGH) Walking Challenge is pedometer-based, and challenges participants to walk 200 miles in 6 weeks. Participants will be required to submit their steps/miles weekly via a survey link. Results will then be tallied and the summary posted on this PGH Walking Challenge page so everyone can keep track of the group’s progress.

Weekly mileage is due Mondays by  5 p.m. Late submissions will not be counted until the following week.

Total Steps Taken

Average Number of Steps per Person

Total Miles Traveled

Average Number of Miles Traveled per Person

Game Of Soles (HREQ)

Has traveled the furthest total distance!

Smells Like Team Spirit (OLL)

Has traveled the most miles per team member!

2020/2021 Walking Challenge Participants

Top row from left: Katrina Stitt, photo by Marlene Weinert, Anna Condoleon, Elaine White. Middle row from left: Karen Griner, Tami Milner, Jill Collinson, Mark Martin, Catherine Pinteralli. Bottom row from left: Julia Ford, Amy Matthews, photo by Glenda McCallister

Finisher’s Board

Mike Cook, Game of Soles (HREQ) – 998.3 Miles, Week 2 Finisher

Jeremy Blair, Smells Like Team Spirit (OLL) – 882.7 Miles, Week 2 Finisher

Tricia Graham, Smells Like Team Spirit (OLL) – 772.2 Miles, Week 2 Finisher

Tom Dhans, DOES – 747.2 Miles, Week 2 Finisher

Steven Causey, Smells Like Team Spirit (OLL) – 451.6 Miles, Week 3 Finisher

Sabine Vasquez, ECP – 313 Miles, Week 4 Finisher

Aleycia Thomas, DOES – 224.8 Miles, Week 6 Finisher

Rick Card, MPLES – 216.5 Miles, Week 6 Finisher

Jennifer Northey, DOES – 210 Miles, Week 6 Finisher

Jennifer Gaete, LOLHS – 207.1 Miles, Week 5 Finisher

Wanda Cook, Game of Soles (HREQ) – 206.6 Miles, Week 6 Finisher

Kelly Wisneski, DOES – 201 Miles, Week 6 Finisher

Wanda Crosley Tyus, SSPS – 201 Miles, Week 6 Finisher