Health & Wellness Center Formulary

My Health Onsite dispensary stock varies by center location

Elect Rx Formulary

  Personal Importation Program (90-day supplies)

First of all, any prescription dispensed at
My Health Onsite has no out-of-pocket expense to you!

All medications dispensed, including refills, require an appointment with a Health
Center Provider.
It is important to bring all your current prescribed medications

in the original bottle with you for a first-time provider visit and evaluation.

Getting a prescription dispensed at the Health Center is fast and convenient.
Typically, prescriptions are dispensed at the time of your provider appointment.

The Health Center has over 200+ generic medications ready to dispense
onsite for acute treatments and chronic conditions like hypertension,
diabetes, high blood pressure and much more

Schedule an appointment and learn more about your medication options by
accessing the patient portal at or calling the toll free

Call Center Support Team at: 727-353-3000