Band 3

Jazz MPA’s


Jazz MPA

Music: Milestone, Watermelon Man, or Afro Blue

Rehearsal Schedule: Jan 17, Jan 24, Jan 31, Feb 5, and Feb 7,

All rehearsals 3-4:30pm

Performance: February 8th at the Wesley Chapel Center for the Arts

Attire: Concert Tuxedoes and dresses. All Black Dress Shirts, Black Shoes, and Blacks Socks

      Jazz Band Roster

Chair Placements are based off Pass-offs

Saxophones: Alan,  Reagan, Caleb, Victor, Miles

(Alternants Sax: Hayley, Samantha, Benjamin)

Trombne/Euphoniums: Raunak, Lyla, Collin, Sammy, Jeffery, Kaleb

Trumpets:  Evanne, Jedrek, Jorge, Isabella, Tyler, Ian, Beckett

(Alternants Tpts: Carlos, Emmagrace, Ethan)

Rhythm Section

Piano- Shannon, Keyboard- Nethuni,

Lead Guitar-Gabby Bass Guitar- Melany

Drumset- Dhalia



Agenda Oct 17-21st

  • Warm Up
  • Review Scales 7 major scales and Chromatic
  • Review All County Music audition music
  • Review Pep Band
  • Pass-offs


All Advanced Band members will need Pass-offs, Warm-up, and Music. All Music will be posted on the Drive. Music will not be handed out during class.

 Essential Elements. 

Book 1- for all first year band members

Screen Shot 2021-08-12 at 3.46.28 PM.png

                  Book 2 


  Essential Elements

                  Book 3

Students will not need book 3 until Book 2 is completed

Major Scales (Links to an external site.)

Daily Warm ups (Links to an external site.)

Thundering Heard (Links to an external site.)

Chorales (Links to an external site.)

Pass-off Charts (Links to an external site.)

Marching Band Music