2023 2nd Semester Band Schedule

Date Event Times
1/9 Clinics 3-5pm 
1/10 Advanced Concert Band Rehearsal 3-5pm 
1/11 Sectionals/ Clinics 3-4:30pm
1/13 Brass Choir 3-4:30pm 
1/14 All State Performance @tampa Convention Center TBA 
1/16        No School TBA 
1/17 All County Band Sectional@ Rushe Middle School 6-8:30pm
1/18 Sectionals/Clinics 3-4:30pm 
1/20. All County Band Rehearsal @ Riverridge HS 11-6:30pm 
1/21. All County Band Rehearsal @ Riverridge HS 9-12pm 
1/21   All County Band Performance @ Riverridge HS 2pm 
1/24 Concert Band Rehearsal 3-5pm 
1/25 Beginning Band Pass-offs/ Rehearsal 3-4:30pm 
1/27 Brass Choir 3-4:30pm 
1/30      Jazz Band Rehearsal 3-5pm 
1/31 Concert Band Rehearsal 3-5pm 
2/1             Sectionals/ Clinics 3-4:30pm 
2/6 Clinics 3-5pm 
2/7 Concert Band Rehearsal 3-5pm 
2/8 Sectionals/Clinics 3-5pm 
2/10 Brass Choir 3-4:30pm 
2/11. Beginning Band/ Guitar Car Wash. @Advanced Auto 8am-2pm
2/13 Drumline and Clinics 3-4:30
2/14 Band room closed
2/15 Beginning Band Pass-offs/ Rehearsal 3-4:30pm 
2/16 Band Pre-MPA rehearsal/ Dinner 3-5:30pm
2/16 Pre- MPA performance 6-7pm
2/21 Honor Roll Assembly 8am-12pm
2/21 Concert Band Rehearsal 3-5pm 
2/21 Wildcat Welcome 6-8pm
volunteers needed
2//22 Band room Closed
2/24 Brass Choir 3-4:30pm 
2/27           Jazz Band Rehearsal 3-5pm  
2/28 Concert Band Rehearsal 3-5pm 
3/3   Disney Field Trip 4am-9pm
3/6 Concert Band Rehearsal 3-5pm 
3/7-8 Concert MPA Festival TBA 
3/13-20 Spring Break 
3/21 Ensemble Rehearsal 3-5pm
3/21 Band Banquet Meeting 5:30-7:00pm 
3/22 Beginning Band Pass-offs 3-4:30pm 
3/23 Turn in Car Wash Ticket money
3/25. Advanced Band Car Wash@ Advanced Auto. 8am-2pm
3/27 Jazz Band Rehearsal 3-5pm 
3/28 Concert Band 3-5pm 
3/29 Beginning Band Pass-offs 3-4:30pm 
4/3 Solo and Ensemble Preparation 3-4:30pm 
4/4 Concert Band Rehearsal 3-5pm 
4/5 Beginning Band Pass-offs 3-4:30pm 
4/10 Solo and Ensemble Preparation 3-4:30pm 
4/11 Guitar/Ensembles Concert @ Cypress Black Box 7-8:30pm
4/12. Beginning Band Pass-offs 3-4:30pm 
4/17 Solo and Ensemble Preparation. 3-4:30pm 
4/18 Concert Band Rehearsal 3-5pm 
4/19 Beginning Band Pass-offs 3-4:30pm 
4/21 Brass Choir 3-4:30pm 
4/24 Solo and Ensemble Preparation 3-4:30pm 
4/25 Concert Band Rehearsal 3-5pm 
4/26 Beginning Band Pass-offs 3-5pm 
4/28-29 Solo and Ensemble Festival-cost $TBD TBA 
5/1 Jazz Band Rehearsal 3-5pm 
5/2 Concert Band Rehearsal 3-5pm 
5/3 Beginning Band Rehearsal 3-5pm 
5/7 Spring Concert Call Time 3pm 
5/7 Spring Concert 5-7pm  
5/9. Pep Band Rehearsal 3-5pm
5/10. Pep Band Rehearsal 3-5pm
5/12. Pep Band Rehearsal 3-5pm
5/13. Battle of the Bay competition @ Lakewood HS. 3-8pm
5/19 Band Banquet – cost $17.00 6pm 
5/20 8th grade Dance 6pm 
5/26 Last Day of School  

TBA Band Camp- cost $120 TBA
7/25-27 Beginning Band Camp Cost $30 8-12pm

November Schedule

Date Event Time
11/1 Pep and Rehearsal/ Dinner 3-5pm
11/1 Football Game #4 6:30-8:30pm
11/3 Krispy Kreme Pick-Up gym Parking Lot 7am-9am
11/4 Clinics and All County Audition Prep 3-4:30pm
11/4 CHS Band Night 5-9pm
11/7 Clinics and All County Audition Prep 3-5pm
11/8 Advanced Concert Band Rehearsal 3-5pm
11/9 Jazz Band Rehearsal 3-5pm
11/11 Clinics and All County Audition Prep 3-4:30pm
11/14 Clinics and All County Audition Prep 3-4:30pm
11/15 All County Auditions @ Cypress Creek HS 6-9pm
11/16 Beginning Band Pass-offs 3-4:30pm
11/ 28 Jazz Band Rehearsal 3-5pm
11/29 Advanced Concert Band Rehearsal 3-5pm
11/30 Beginning Band Rehearsal 3-5pm


Band Schedule Oct. 24-28

Advanced Band Class Agenda

Busy Week Alert!

Monday Oct. 24. Drumline and Clinics. 3-5pm

Tuesday Oct. 25. Rehearsal/Pregame Dinner. 3-5pm

Tuesday Oct. 25 Home Football. 6-8:30pm

Wednesday Oct. 26. Beginning Band Pass-offs 3-4:30pm

Thursday Oct. 27 Bandroom. Closed

Friday Oct. 28 Krispy Kreme Deadline

Friday Oct. 28. Clinics and All County Prep 3-4:30pm
  • Thundering Heard Warm up
  • Review 7 Major Scales
  • Review Pep Band Music
  • Concert Band Music
  • Review All County Audition music

Beginning Band Class Agenda

  • Warm Up
  • Pass-offs
  • exercises 45 Quiz

Schedule. October 17-21

Mon. Oct. 17th No School

Tues. Oct. 18th Rehearsal/Pre-game Dinner

Tues. Oct. 18th Home Game 6:30-8:30pm

Wed. Oct. 19th Jazz Band 3-5pm

Wed. Oct. 19th Clinics 5-6pm

Thurs. Oct. 20th Bandroom Closed

Fri. Oct 21st Drumline/Clinics 3-5pm