MPA’s Rehearsal Schedule

It is imperative that everyone does their best to make it out to each rehearsal. If you cannont make a rehearsal or performance please notify Mr. Scott ahead of time so we can make the necessary adjustments.

2/20 Symphonic Band Rehearsal 2:55-5:30pm 

2/21 Intermediate Band Rehearsal 3-4:30pm 

2/27 Symphonic Band Rehearsal 2:55-5:30pm  

2/28 Intermediate Band Rehearsal 3-4:30pm 

3/5 Symphonic Band Rehearsal 2:55-5pm 

3/6 Intermediate Band Rehearsal 3-4:30pm 

3/12 Symphonic Band Rehearsal 2:55-5pm 

3/13 Intermediate Band Rehearsal 3-4:30pm 

3/14-15 Concert MPA Festival @ Wesley Chapel CFA TBA 

3/19                            Disney Field Trip 4am-9pm 

3/22-31 Spring Break 

All County Band Results

Congratulations to the following All County Band Students: Alan Tran(4thChair Clt), Eric Yang(6th Chair Clt), Hayley Sluder(12th chair clt.), Raunak(2nd chair Tbn), Samuel Gonzales(8th chair Tbn), Jefferey Berman(4th Chair Euphonium) Lyla Boynes(2nd Chair Tuba), Collin Brown(3rd Chair Tuba) and Andrew Shaffer(6th chair Tuba)

Band Welcome Letter 2023-2024

The new school year is launched and we are experiencing the joy of making music. Thank you for your support, and particularly for encouraging your child to continue his/her study of music. This investment of time, effort and energy will produce lifelong dividends.
Throughout the year you will be receiving communications from our Music Department concerning upcoming concerts and other pertinent information. I also will be sending you compelling research data about the importance of music study in the development of your child.

The world of education is in a constant evolution and you, as a responsible and concerned parent, must be apprised of the latest information gleaned from research studies. This information will aid you in helping your child make wise choices that are certain to benefit his/her future.

Evidence continues to focus on the arts (music) as a vital component in the positive growth of every child. For years we have pointed to the music students as those who have demonstrated a special talent. However, based on extended studies we now know it is the very process of learning music that develops the artistic mind and brings forth the creative potential in all young people. For this reason, continued membership in our musical family is strongly encouraged.

It is a privilege to have your son or daughter as a valued musician in our organization. Thank you for your support of music education at Thomas E Weightman Middle School. You play an important role in everything we do. Welcome to our new school year!

Don Scott, Director of Bands

2023 2nd Semester Band Schedule

Date Event Times
1/9 Clinics 3-5pm 
1/10 Advanced Concert Band Rehearsal 3-5pm 
1/11 Sectionals/ Clinics 3-4:30pm
1/13 Brass Choir 3-4:30pm 
1/14 All State Performance @tampa Convention Center TBA 
1/16        No School TBA 
1/17 All County Band Sectional@ Rushe Middle School 6-8:30pm
1/18 Sectionals/Clinics 3-4:30pm 
1/20. All County Band Rehearsal @ Riverridge HS 11-6:30pm 
1/21. All County Band Rehearsal @ Riverridge HS 9-12pm 
1/21   All County Band Performance @ Riverridge HS 2pm 
1/24 Concert Band Rehearsal 3-5pm 
1/25 Beginning Band Pass-offs/ Rehearsal 3-4:30pm 
1/27 Brass Choir 3-4:30pm 
1/30      Jazz Band Rehearsal 3-5pm 
1/31 Concert Band Rehearsal 3-5pm 
2/1             Sectionals/ Clinics 3-4:30pm 
2/6 Clinics 3-5pm 
2/7 Concert Band Rehearsal 3-5pm 
2/8 Sectionals/Clinics 3-5pm 
2/10 Brass Choir 3-4:30pm 
2/11. Beginning Band/ Guitar Car Wash. @Advanced Auto 8am-2pm
2/13 Drumline and Clinics 3-4:30
2/14 Band room closed
2/15 Beginning Band Pass-offs/ Rehearsal 3-4:30pm 
2/16 Band Pre-MPA rehearsal/ Dinner 3-5:30pm
2/16 Pre- MPA performance 6-7pm
2/21 Honor Roll Assembly 8am-12pm
2/21 Concert Band Rehearsal 3-5pm 
2/21 Wildcat Welcome 6-8pm
volunteers needed
2//22 Band room Closed
2/24 Brass Choir 3-4:30pm 
2/27           Jazz Band Rehearsal 3-5pm  
2/28 Concert Band Rehearsal 3-5pm 
3/3   Disney Field Trip 4am-9pm
3/6 Concert Band Rehearsal 3-5pm 
3/7-8 Concert MPA Festival TBA 
3/13-20 Spring Break 
3/21 Ensemble Rehearsal 3-5pm
3/21 Band Banquet Meeting 5:30-7:00pm 
3/22 Beginning Band Pass-offs 3-4:30pm 
3/23 Turn in Car Wash Ticket money
3/25. Advanced Band Car Wash@ Advanced Auto. 8am-2pm
3/27 Jazz Band Rehearsal 3-5pm 
3/28 Concert Band 3-5pm 
3/29 Beginning Band Pass-offs 3-4:30pm 
4/3 Solo and Ensemble Preparation 3-4:30pm 
4/4 Concert Band Rehearsal 3-5pm 
4/5 Beginning Band Pass-offs 3-4:30pm 
4/10 Solo and Ensemble Preparation 3-4:30pm 
4/11 Guitar/Ensembles Concert @ Cypress Black Box 7-8:30pm
4/12. Beginning Band Pass-offs 3-4:30pm 
4/17 Solo and Ensemble Preparation. 3-4:30pm 
4/18 Concert Band Rehearsal 3-5pm 
4/19 Beginning Band Pass-offs 3-4:30pm 
4/21 Brass Choir 3-4:30pm 
4/24 Solo and Ensemble Preparation 3-4:30pm 
4/25 Concert Band Rehearsal 3-5pm 
4/26 Beginning Band Pass-offs 3-5pm 
4/28-29 Solo and Ensemble Festival-cost $TBD TBA 
5/1 Jazz Band Rehearsal 3-5pm 
5/2 Concert Band Rehearsal 3-5pm 
5/3 Beginning Band Rehearsal 3-5pm 
5/7 Spring Concert Call Time 3pm 
5/7 Spring Concert 5-7pm  
5/9. Pep Band Rehearsal 3-5pm
5/10. Pep Band Rehearsal 3-5pm
5/12. Pep Band Rehearsal 3-5pm
5/13. Battle of the Bay competition @ Lakewood HS. 3-8pm
5/19 Band Banquet – cost $17.00 6pm 
5/20 8th grade Dance 6pm 
5/26 Last Day of School  

TBA Band Camp- cost $120 TBA
7/25-27 Beginning Band Camp Cost $30 8-12pm

November Schedule

Date Event Time
11/1 Pep and Rehearsal/ Dinner 3-5pm
11/1 Football Game #4 6:30-8:30pm
11/3 Krispy Kreme Pick-Up gym Parking Lot 7am-9am
11/4 Clinics and All County Audition Prep 3-4:30pm
11/4 CHS Band Night 5-9pm
11/7 Clinics and All County Audition Prep 3-5pm
11/8 Advanced Concert Band Rehearsal 3-5pm
11/9 Jazz Band Rehearsal 3-5pm
11/11 Clinics and All County Audition Prep 3-4:30pm
11/14 Clinics and All County Audition Prep 3-4:30pm
11/15 All County Auditions @ Cypress Creek HS 6-9pm
11/16 Beginning Band Pass-offs 3-4:30pm
11/ 28 Jazz Band Rehearsal 3-5pm
11/29 Advanced Concert Band Rehearsal 3-5pm
11/30 Beginning Band Rehearsal 3-5pm


Band Schedule Oct. 24-28

Advanced Band Class Agenda

Busy Week Alert!

Monday Oct. 24. Drumline and Clinics. 3-5pm

Tuesday Oct. 25. Rehearsal/Pregame Dinner. 3-5pm

Tuesday Oct. 25 Home Football. 6-8:30pm

Wednesday Oct. 26. Beginning Band Pass-offs 3-4:30pm

Thursday Oct. 27 Bandroom. Closed

Friday Oct. 28 Krispy Kreme Deadline

Friday Oct. 28. Clinics and All County Prep 3-4:30pm
  • Thundering Heard Warm up
  • Review 7 Major Scales
  • Review Pep Band Music
  • Concert Band Music
  • Review All County Audition music

Beginning Band Class Agenda

  • Warm Up
  • Pass-offs
  • exercises 45 Quiz

Schedule. October 17-21

Mon. Oct. 17th No School

Tues. Oct. 18th Rehearsal/Pre-game Dinner

Tues. Oct. 18th Home Game 6:30-8:30pm

Wed. Oct. 19th Jazz Band 3-5pm

Wed. Oct. 19th Clinics 5-6pm

Thurs. Oct. 20th Bandroom Closed

Fri. Oct 21st Drumline/Clinics 3-5pm