Congratulation to the 2023-2024 Battalion Leaders

Looking forward to hard work and a great year!

Battalion Commander: Pharel
Battalion Executive Officer: Ruiz
Battalion CSM: McClanathan

Battalion Staff:
S1- Rice, J
S2- Taylor, W
S3- Stewart, J
S4- Gomez, L
S5- Davey, A

Company Commanders:

Company Executive Officers:

Company 1SGT:

Platoon Leaders:

Platoon Sergeants:

The Shark Battalion Takes on Washington D.C!

Thursday, March 9th- Sunday, March 12th the Shark Battalion took 24 people to DC. 19 students, 3 adult chaperones, and both Army Instructors. During that time cadets visited many historically significant location such at the United States Capitol, Library of Congress, The White House, and many of the key Smithsonian’s. Cadets had the opportunity to learn so much from the places we visited. For example, The Holocaust Memorial Museum, African American Museum of History and Culture and, American History Museum especially allowed for so many exhibits that allow for the expansion of knowledge and sharpening of knowledge in specific areas. We stayed at central hotel located near most of the locations of interest with the exception of the historic Arlington Cemetery. While there, cadets had the opportunity to see the changing of the guard ceremony. The following photos, represent a lot of what was seen and the enjoyment and knowledge build up that was experienced by cadets.

We had a great time and many are looking forward to next years Battalion Field Trip!

Awards Ceremony Wednesday 18 May 2022

Dear Parent/Guardian

SUBJECT:  Shark Battalion Awards Ceremony

1.  You are cordially invited to our Annual Shark Battalion Award Ceremony Wednesday 18 May 2022 in our schools’ gymnasium from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., cadets should arrive no later than 5:45 p.m.  This is a time to celebrate and recognize cadet’s accomplishments with individual and national awards. We will also conduct a change of command ceremony with our (incoming/outgoing) cadet battalion commander.

2.  Cadets will receive over 20+ awards from outside agencies, Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Legion, Military Order of the Purple Heart to name just a few.  They will also receive unit awards such as appearance, superior cadet award, good conduct, outstanding academic, and leadership awards.

3.  Cadets are required to participate in this events and it counts for his/her last uniform inspection grade.  If not returning next year they are required to turn-in the uniform the following week or NLT 25 May 2022.  Leaders can turn in the uniform as early as the Friday 20 May. Please ensure these uniforms are dry cleaned prior to turn-in.  Cadets returning (JROTC) next year are allowed to keep the uniform if it fits well.

4.  This is a special event for cadets and we would like you to be a part of it and share the accomplishment of the cadets.

Wilfred Placeres                                                          Timothy Parrish

CSM, USA Retired                                                    MAJ, USA Retired

Army Instructor                                                          Senior Army Instructor                                

727.246.3040                                                              727 246 3071


Battalion Pictures

Battalion Pictures are today January 24 2024! If you are curious as to where to view your photos please refer to the information below.


If you have any questions call 813-907-1078 or email

Paul R Smith Visit

Our cadets visited the Paul R Smith middle school to share information about the JROTC program. Cadets dressed in each of the uniforms we provide in the program. For example, the Class B uniform, Class A, and the OCP uniform. Cadets built a rope bridge to display our Raiders team. Others presented information about our academics (JLAB) team as well as our drill and ceremony team. We hope to see a lot of aspiring freshmen in the program next year!

Quarter 3 Uniform Schedule

January 9th : No Uniform

January 16th : Class B/Drill Shirt

January 23rd : Class A/B

January 30th : Drill shirt/Class B

February 6th : Drill Shirt/ Class B ( no necktab or tie )

February 13th : Dress for Success

February 22nd : Class A/B- JPA

February 27th: Drill Shirt/Class B

March 5th: Class A/B