Raiders Team

Raider Team

The Raider Team Coach: CSM Placeres

Team Leader: C/ Ruiz

Team Leaders:  

Male Team: Cadet Zurita

Mixed Team: Cadet Ruiz

Female Team: Cadet Lopez 


~September 16th- University of South Florida
~September 23th- Teneroc High School
~October 7th- Newsome HS
~October 21st- Home Competition
~November 2nd- Hudson HS
~December 2-3rd- University of South Florida (Must Qualify)

Cord Requirements: 

Grades: 2.5 GPA

Competitions: 5

Raider team practices: Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday 1:45 to 4:00 pm. On early release days practices end at 1:45.

The Purpose:

A: Provide Army JROTC cadets at Anclote High School with the opportunity to train as a team and complete at Raider Challenge(s). Cadets will participate in adventure training and experience beyond that which is available to the average cadet.

B: Provide cadets an environment that will challenge them, both mentally and physically by conducting tough physical fitness, obstacle courses, land navigation, and first aid training.

C: Promote leadership development, instill confidence and loyalty, both within the Raider Platoon and through the Corp of Cadets.

D: Set standards of professionalism, though rigorous training and personal example, become the standard bearer of the battalion. Stay involved with the community activities, fundraiser(s), and parades.


The Raiders Team Captain is normally a LET III or IV selected by the Instructor with the input of the Raider Team. The Captain will lead the Platoon, by setting the example on all matters and keep the team focused on the task at hand. He/She will march the team to training sites, maintain the attendance, conduct uniform inspections, instruct classes, organize camp-outs, and assist in physical training and tests. He/She will also work with CSM Placeres to coordinate teams (male, female, mixed), training in preparation for competition and adventure training.

The Raiders Team will consist of 3 units: male, female, and mixed. Each team will have designated no more than 12 cadets per unit and each unit will have its own leader. The goal is to have enough cadets to have a mixed, female and male team. Recruiting of new cadets will be at the beginning of 1st semester.