Hello Everyone!

Thank you for attending last Monday’s concert. I’m really enjoying seeing all the pictures on our Class Act Band Facebook page. The fog made it extra special! We have our parade this weekend and I thought I share with you some tips.

· The parade will start at 6pm.
· The official parade route starts at Grand Blvd and Schwettman Education Center going towards Simms Park and ending on Main St. and US 19.
· Our position for the parade 50 out of 114.
· If you plan on watching the parade till the end please arrange transportation for your child form school. The traffic gets really bad once the parade is done and sometimes students have waited 2 hrs. in the HHS parking lot after being dropped off by the band bus from the parade.

Student Itinerary for December 11h
4:30pm – Meet at Hudson High School
5:00pm – Leave Hudson High School
5:30pm – Line up at Gulf High School
6:00pm – Parade Start time
9:00pm – Arrive back at Hudson High School

Solo/Ensemble MPA @ JW Mitchel High School– February 4-5
Students will have the opportunity to play a solo or an ensemble and receive individual advice and a rating. Students who are interested will need to pay $5 dollars per event. Payment must be received by December 17th in the red dope box in the band room. If they want to play a solo they will need a piano accompanist. Luckily we have Pat Deighton who only charges $35 to accompany. She worked with many of our students in the past. Mrs. Deighton works with the students on their solo, gives good playing advice and performs for the Solo/Ensemble MPA. Next week I will be making solo and ensemble music available for students to try.

Thank you again for coming out to the concert!

Please take care,