Only a few more days before the beginning of the school year and I imagine you’re excited. We are going to do our best in creating a positive and safe environment for everyone. We want to keep you and your loved ones, safe and healthy. In the MyLearning band class you will see a supply list. I would like to provide you with some simple solutions for masks and instrument Covers:

Brass and woodwind students
– You must use a separate mask with a slit cut for the instrument mouthpiece. This can be done by cutting a slit in a surgical/fabric mask with a box cutter.

– If you are able to sew here is a link to a pattern UnitedSound

– Masks can also be purchased online Fieldandfloorfx

– These masks are in addition to the regular mask and will be worn while playing in lieu of the regular mask.

– Excluding tubas, bell covers for brass and woodwind instruments are recommended.

– These can be as simple as fabric (pillow case) covering the bell attached with a rubber band.

– Here is a simple solution video: Instrument Covers

– Covers can also be purchased online: McCormicks

Percussion, strings and flag students

-Use their regular masks.

– Shared equipment such as keyboards, flags, sting instruments or percussion instruments need to be sanitized between use, including mallets.

– Avoid sharing music or music folders.

On the first day of school we will talk more about our safety procedures for the band room. Please let me know if you are in need of an instrument.If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email me at

Together we can do this!!