Questions to Ask Your Recruiter

General Questions

  • Please explain the recruiting process – start to finish.
  • Potential recruits: Why should I join the Army?
  • Do you have any special incentives to join?
  • What’s the Future Soldier program?
  • Which option is best for me: Army active duty, Army Reserve or ROTC?

Basic Combat Training

  • What really goes on in Basic Combat Training?
  • What’s the balance between classroom and physical training?
  • What kind of condition do you have to be in at the start?
  • What are the physical standards candidates have to meet?
  • What are training and drill sergeants like today?
  • What percent of people who start actually graduate?
  • Can two friends go through basic at the same time?
  • Women: Do women receive “military haircuts” too?

The First Term

  • How long does the first term last? Do you have programs of different lengths?
  • Can an entrant choose the military job he/she wants? How is the job assignment made?
  • Can you describe a couple of jobs? I want to understand what people actually do in the Army.
  • Can a trainee choose to serve overseas?
  • How much does a new recruit get paid, and what are the benefits?
  • How often are service people promoted?


  • What kind of training comes after basic?
  • How good are your military job-training schools?
  • What are all the ways a service member can earn college credits during enlistment?
  • What are your tuition support programs? How does an entrant qualify for them?