Serving Your Country Pays:


Requirements:  Students will need a passing score on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test.  The ASVAB is given twice a year at LOLHS.  To study and prepare for the ASVAB go to and set up your free student account.  ASVAB Scores vary by branch and job.  Recruits will also need to complete some type of basic training or boot camp.

Average Pay:  Estimated average annual military salary for enlisted members, including base pay, average housing allowance, monetary food allowance and the tax advantage of untaxed allowances:  $35,105 for 2009.

Go to the websites below for specific active duty commitments.                                                          

Contact the Ms. Colon, Career Specialist in the Career Resource Center (Rm. 300) for the names of local recruiters and phone numbers.

Military Academy and ROTC

Some students might choose to attend a military academy and serve their country as an Officer, or apply for a Reserved Officers’ Training Corps scholarship.  These post-secondary academic programs are highly competitive and require students to complete a well-rounded high school experience.  Students and parents interested in an academy nomination need to access the individual websites listed below.