Welcome to the “New and improved” Music Website!

As you embark on your new journey to online classes for the time being this school year, we hope you take a break and play some fun games on our latest addition to the music web page.  My favorite is Note Invaders on the MusicTech Teacher page! Another favorite is helping Violet find all the instruments of the orchestra in Benjamin Britten’s Listening Adventures. Click on the tab “Fun Music Games Online” right above this post.

Don’t forget about playing your recorder!  You can find songs for both Recorder Karate 1 and 2 in the tabs in the header just above this post.  You can even play along by clicking on the links on those pages to take you to the companies website.  Be sure you look for the username and passwords on the recorder pages/powerpoints.

Finally, if you have been yearning to play the ukulele, Music Matters is offering to ONLY our Odessa students a special discount.  Contact Kevin at MM (one of our school sponsors) at 727-834-8856.  https://www.musicmattersacademy.com/

Remember to have fun and sing and play during this transition of homeschool!  We miss you lots and can’t wait to see you again!

Ms. DuQuette

Ms. Guidry

Ms. Walukonis