Welcome to the “New and improved” Music Website!

As you embark on your new journey to online classes for the time being this school year, we hope you take a break and play some fun games on our latest addition to the music web page.  My favorite is Note Invaders on the MusicTech Teacher page! Another favorite is helping Violet find all the instruments of the orchestra in Benjamin Britten’s Listening Adventures. Click on the tab “Fun Music Games Online” right above this post.

Don’t forget about playing your recorder!  You can find songs for both Recorder Karate 1 and 2 in the tabs in the header just above this post.  You can even play along by clicking on the links on those pages to take you to the companies website.  Be sure you look for the username and passwords on the recorder pages/powerpoints.

Finally, if you have been yearning to play the ukulele, Music Matters is offering to ONLY our Odessa students a special discount.  Contact Kevin at MM (one of our school sponsors) at 727-834-8856.  https://www.musicmattersacademy.com/

Remember to have fun and sing and play during this transition of homeschool!  We miss you lots and can’t wait to see you again!

Ms. DuQuette

Ms. Guidry

Ms. Walukonis

Pasco All-County Chorus and Orff 2020

Makenzie showed us a pretend jump as to not re-break her leg!
Congratulations to Lara, Jena, Jaylin, Tyler, Eli, Makenzie, and Mischa for an excellent representation of Odessa’s best singers and instrumentalists!!
Can you spot our singers?
….and our percussionists playing on Orff instruments?
Lunch is always a blast to just hang out with friends!!

FMEA results are in…………..

Congratulations to Brecklynn Beshant for earning a spot in the 2019 FMEA Conference Elementary Chorus.  There were over 760 auditions for this 200 student group.  Congratulations also goes to Regan Bright who outshined over 450 entries for the 2019 FMEA Conference Orff Ensemble.  Regan will perform on Thursday, January 10th and Brecklynn will be performing on Friday, January 11th.  Those performances will be in the Tampa Convention Center.

Students who scored very high in the auditions but didn’t make the cut to attend the FMEA Conference in January, 2019 (they can fit only so many on stage!)  will be performing in a Regional Honors group on Saturday, November 3rd in Lakeland at Florida Southern College at 7:00 pm.  The State of Florida is divided into a Northern Regional Honors Chorus and Orff Ensemble and a Southern Regional Honors Chorus and Orff Ensemble. We are in the Southern Region.

Students who will be singing are, Hailey Berrios, Leila Crain, and Christa Starling. Our instrumentalists are Brecklynn Bashant, Olivia James, Alexis Miller, and Logan Owens. Their music teachers are VERY proud of them!!

Be sure to give them a shout out when you see them!!

September 11th Memorial at Sims Park…

Students in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade will be bringing home letters regarding the annual New Port Richey 9/11 Memorial Celebration at Sims Park in New Port Richey in their Tuesday folders.  This event will have several school groups singing and guest speakers talking about America and Patriotism in remembrance.  We hope that all can join us and have your child sing American Tears (click to see     music and scroll to end) with many other Wildcats.

The program begins at 7:00 p.m. and our students need to meet behind the stage at 6:30 to take attendance and warm up their voices in Peace Hall.  Once you drop off your child, you may watch the program in it’s entirety or leave.  Please come pick up your child after we depart the stage to come sit with you or leave.  A music teacher MUST see you to confirm delivery of your child.

Here is the letter and permission form.  Sims Park 091118 Please RSVP wit a YES or NO.  Thank you!

Map of performance area/map: :SimsMap911



Welcome to the 2018-2019 School year!

Your music teachers look forward to an amazing year of singing, playing, and movement in class this year!  Below is a list of the first unit of Florida Sunshine State Standards your child will be learning:

Kindergarten – Speaking, singing, and whispering voices

1st grade – The difference between one singer and a group of singers

2nd grade – The difference between the voices of a child, adult female, and adult male

3rd grade – The difference between unison and two-part harmony

4th grade – Identifying and describing the four primary voice types (soprano, alto, tenor, and bass)

5th grade – Identifying the four voice types by ear only (soprano, alto, tenor, and bass)

Odessa Wildcats Perform in amazing concert!!

A Chorus of just under 70 students blended beautiful voices melodically and was introduced some harmonies this year!

The Orff Ensemble is now names Percussion Ensemble, or what the students like to call it, “Perc. E.” This 28 piece group plays a variety of instruments and non-traditional instruments like 5 gallon buckets!!

14 students joined an after school camp called Glee Club!  They performed Say Something and Ease on Down the Road with added dance steps!!

See everyone next year and best wishes to our 5th graders moving on to the middle school!!

Learning for the 21st Century!