Last minute parade info

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for attending last Monday’s concert. I’m really enjoying seeing all the pictures on our Class Act Band Facebook page. The fog made it extra special! We have our parade this weekend and I thought I share with you some tips.

· The parade will start at 6pm.
· The official parade route starts at Grand Blvd and Schwettman Education Center going towards Simms Park and ending on Main St. and US 19.
· Our position for the parade 50 out of 114.
· If you plan on watching the parade till the end please arrange transportation for your child form school. The traffic gets really bad once the parade is done and sometimes students have waited 2 hrs. in the HHS parking lot after being dropped off by the band bus from the parade.

Student Itinerary for December 11h
4:30pm – Meet at Hudson High School
5:00pm – Leave Hudson High School
5:30pm – Line up at Gulf High School
6:00pm – Parade Start time
9:00pm – Arrive back at Hudson High School

Solo/Ensemble MPA @ JW Mitchel High School– February 4-5
Students will have the opportunity to play a solo or an ensemble and receive individual advice and a rating. Students who are interested will need to pay $5 dollars per event. Payment must be received by December 17th in the red dope box in the band room. If they want to play a solo they will need a piano accompanist. Luckily we have Pat Deighton who only charges $35 to accompany. She worked with many of our students in the past. Mrs. Deighton works with the students on their solo, gives good playing advice and performs for the Solo/Ensemble MPA. Next week I will be making solo and ensemble music available for students to try.

Thank you again for coming out to the concert!

Please take care,

Ugly Sweater Contest

The band sounded GREAT today and we are very much looking forward to having you at our concert. Let have a little fun and have an Ugly Sweater Contest at the concert for a chance to win a $30 dollars gift card. The winner will be decided at the concert.

Winter Concert and Parade

Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving with family and friends. It’s great hearing the progress the students made on their instruments over the break! You can look forward to a fantastic concert December 6th and a fun parade, December 11th. Here are the details for our final two events of the semester:

December 6th, 7:00pm – Winter Lullaby Band Concert @ Hudson High Football Field
Band and guard students will be wearing their marching uniform. Students in Jazz Band will be wearing their black concert attire (black dress pants and shirt. If you have a black coat you may wear that also)

2pm-4pm – Dress Rehearsal (no you don’t wear your uniform yet)
6pm – Sound Check (All students must report stadium at 6pm for sound check)
7pm – Concert Start – bring a blanket or cushion for the cold stadium seats, and something warm to drink.
8pm – Concert Ends

December 11th, 6:00pm – Main Street Parade in New Port Richey (chaperones needed!!)
For this fun parade students get to decorate their instruments and wear Santa hats. We will also have Hudson Academy and Crews Lake MS Bands joining us! We will be in need of 10 chaperone, please email me if you are interested. (I promise you, we will have FUN!)

4:30pm – Meet at Hudson High School
5:00pm – Leave Hudson High School
5:30pm – Line up at Gulf High School
6:00pm – Parade Start time
9:00pm – Arrive back at Hudson High School

Concert Posters!


Winter Season

Thank you for coming out and supporting the Class Act Band at last week’s MPA. The band played their hearts out with the help of your cheers coming from the stands. I know it was a memorable performance after seeing their faces!!!

Thank you EVERYONE for the bottled water and snack donations for the football games. Also a big thank you to our band boosters for making this a Class Act marching season! Now with the close of the marching season we start our winter season. For our rehearsal schedule please refer to our Calendar Section

November 16th – All County Band Auditions @ Cypress Creek HS
Please wish the following students good luck: Rose Dodd, Alexis Torres-Rosado, Drew Reitano and Emmanuel Cruz

December 6th – Winter Concert @ Hudson High School Stadium (changed from Nov. 30)
Originally we were going to have our winter concert November 30th at River Ridge. Due to the success of our Spring Concert and many requests to have it again at Hudson we will have it at Hudson HS!!

December 11th – Main Street Parade @ Downtown New Port Richey
This is a fun event where students get to decorate their instruments with lights and wear Santa Hats. We will also have Crews Lake Middle School Band join us for the fun!

As we get closer to the events I will provide more information. In the meantime stay warm!

November 5/6, Football Game & MPA

Hello Everybody!

We are in the final stretch of marching season and the excitement is building for our final performance November 6th at Hernando High School. We have plenty of cow bells to go around, thanks to Mrs. Curl and we will need lots of hand clapping especially for our audience participation section of the show. Let’s make this the most memorable show ever!!!

We have 10 chaperone spots available. We will also need 10 chaperones for November 5th Fivay Football game. Please let me know if you would be interested in chaperoning. Our last crew had a blast, thank you!!!

Here is the itinerary for November 5th and 6th:

What students will need for both events:
• Show shirt (except guard)
• Black socks
• All black marching shoes
• Money for concession at Fivay HS

Friday, November 5th
2pm – 4pm – Rehearsal
6pm – Report back to the band room to get uniform and load U-Haul
6:45pm – Leave for Fivay HS
7:30pm – Game starts
8:30ish – Halftime
10ish – Game Over
10:30ish – arrive back at Hudson HS

Saturday, November 6th
1:15pm – Dress Rehearsal at Hudson High School
3:45pm – Lunch (provided by band boosters)
4:15pm – Load equipment truck and busses
4:45pm – Leave for Hernando High School
5:45pm – Arrive at Hernando High School
6:45pm – Warm-Up
7:30pm – Perform
8:00pm – Awards
9:30pm – Arrive back at Hudson High School

Thank you sooo much for all your support this year. The students really appreciated all the donated water, snacks and food. This was truly a fun marching season.

Thank you!!!

Lion’s Pride – October 16th, 2021

Hello Everyone,

It’s October and we have our first marching band competition next Saturday, October 16th. Many great bands from the bay area will be performing at the Lion’s Pride at King High School. There will also be a very exciting drum battle. It would be AWESOME to have you there as our cheering section with shakers shaking, and cowbells chiming as the Class Act Band takes the field!!!! Tickets are $5 dollars, and parking $5.

We will need 10 chaperones which will receive a complementary ticket. If you have not registered yet, please register at: and call this number (813) 794-2207 to get approval expedited. If you are still waiting for approval call that same number. Please email at if you can chaperone WE REALLY, REALLY NEED CHAPERONES!!!.

Here is an itinerary for the Class Act Band:

• Students will need to wear their show shirt, black socks, and marching shoes with black soles.

• Our band boosters will be providing lunch😊

• Bring money for concession food (menu in attachment)

October 16th
11:30am – Dress Rehearsal at Hudson High School
2:00pm – Lunch
3:00pm – Load equipment truck and busses
4:00pm – Arrive at King High School, 6815 N. 56th Street Tampa, FL 33610
5:15pm – Warm-up
6:00pm – Performance
6:30pm – Watch the other bands (bring money for concession food)
9:15pm – Awards
11:00pm – Arrive back at Hudson High School

This will be a fun event. It would be fantastic to see you there!!

First Away Game, September 24th

Hello Everyone!

Hope all is well for you and your family! We had a fantastic time at HOT Day! The students were all smiles! We have another exciting day planned for this Friday, September 24th which is our first away game at Gulf High School!!! We will need a good amount of chaperones for this big band of ours. If you are interested please let me know!

Here is an itinerary to help you plan:

Friday September 24th

2:00pm – 4:00pm – After school rehearsal (practice field behind the gym)
4:00pm – 6:00pm – Students have free time to get ready for the game. Please eat and rehydrate!!
6:00pm – Students will be suiting up for the game and loading the equipment truck.
6:30pm – We will leave in 3 school busses for Gulf High School
7:30pm – Game starts
8:30pmish – Halftime (our band performs first)
3rd quarter – Students will be able to purchase concessions food
10pmish – Game over
11pmish – Arrive at Hudson High School

Please watch your phone for a call from Mrs. Ermatinger (last for digits 4423) our new booster bookkeeper. She will be calling to get the CCVs for those who requested to pay for Fair Share, show shirts, and or shoes by credit card.

I hope you get to catch the band this Friday. They are sounding fantastic and getting better and better!!!