Summer Letter

Dear Parents and Students,

I hope you are having a nice summer and charging up your batteries for a very exciting year with the “Class Act” Band!! To start our adventure we will need to hone our super powers. A great deal of training will take place during band camp and your attendance is vital!

All our camps are free and take place at Hudson High School in the band room or athletic field.
New this year, we will be switching camp times on August 1 & 2. We will be inside during the hottest time of the day and outside during the morning or evening hours.

GUARD CAMP July 22 – July 25 from 8am – 4pm

PERCUSSION CAMP July 22 – July 25 from 8am – Noon

LEADERSHIP CAMP July 25 from 1pm–4pm & July 26th from 9am-5pm

BAND CAMP July 29-31 from 8am – 4pm & August 1-2 from 1pm-9pm (NEW)

POTLUCK PREVIEW NIGHT August 6th from 5pm-8pm

To ensure a great training experience, take care of your body by eating breakfast/lunch and drinking fluids. Your body needs fuel to execute the skills you will be training.

What to bring for band camp:
• Fruit to replenish energy levels during our breaks
• Lunch food and drink
• An instrument that is in good playing order (We have instruments to loan)
• Sun screen SPF 1000
• Insect repellent
• Comfortable broken-in pair of TENNIS SHOES! NO SANDALS OR FLIP FLOPS
• Comfortable, lose fitting clothing AVOID JEANS
• Hat for outdoor rehearsal

Items to be purchased at Band Camp:
Marching Shoes – $23 dollars (if needed)
Marching Gloves – $3 dollars (if needed)
“Class Act” Band Hat – $10 dollars
Show Shirt – $10 dollars (part of our uniform)

Fair Share
To cover the costs for uniform dry cleaning, transportation, percussion and guard instructors, show music and choreography, and FBA fees, we will need students to make payment towards a “Fair Share”. To make things easier we have a payment plan:

September 1 – $50 dollars
October 1 – $50 dollars
November 1 – $50 dollars
*You may also take advantage of a 10% discount if paid in full by Aug. 6th

Calling all Parent Volunteers!!!!!!
We are looking for chaperones, equipment truck driver, unifrom manager, concession workers concession manager, booster president, vice president, and secretary. Please email me at if you are interested. The band needs you!!!

“There is nothing stronger then the heart of a volunteer” Jimmy Doolittle

Parent Meeting & Potluck Preview Night -August 6 (7:00pm)
We will be discussing the upcoming year and answer any questions. You will also be able to register as a Pasco County Schools volunteer, sign up for football games and other band events, pay your fairshare, and fill out necessary paperwork. Please bring a dish and take advantage of this opportunity to get to know your fellow band parents.

I look forward to seeing all “Class Act” members at camp and honing in on their superpowers. Please invite new students who have expressed a desire to be part of the “Class Act” to attend band camp!

To be kept informed about all band information we have a web page on the school web site.


Terry Adams,
Band Director
Hudson High School

Band Camp Dates for 2019

July 22-25 Guard and Percussion Camp (flags, drums)
July 25-26 Leadership Camp
July 29-Aug 2 Band Camp (everybody)
Aug 6 Parent Meeting and Show Preview!!

Attendance is mandatory for all “Class Act” Band members. Students who miss will find themselves at a great disadvantage that may be impossible to overcome.

Car Wash Battle/Awards Picnic

May 11th, from 9am – 1pm we will be battling it out! For the last two years Percussion won.
Bring buckets, towels, and sponges. Winner will be announced at our Awards Picnic at Crews Lake Park.

Brass – 7-11 at Moon Lake Road & SR 52
Woodwinds – 7-11 at Hicks Road & SR 52
Percussion Brass – Mobil gas station at Hudson Avenue & Little Road

Awards Picnic will be at Crews Lake at 6pm the same day. It will be Pot-luck style. Please bring a dish to share.

Good Luck!!!

Jazz Band Performance

May 15th the Jazz Band will be performing at Coral Oaks Retirement Home in Palm Harbor.
We will meet in the band room at 1pm. The performance will take place at 3pm.

Spring Concert

April 26th, Students will need to arrive at the River Ridge Performing Arts center at 5:00pm for a dress rehearsal in their black concert attire.

Door will open at 6:40pm, concert start time 7pm

Chasco Parade

March 30th, we will meet at Hudson High School at Noon. Please come well hydrated!! We will need chaperones to help with water and band security. We should be back by 3pm.

Quarterly Band Booster Meeting

April 2nd, at 6pm in the bandroom we will be holding our quarterly band booster meeting. Everyone is welcome to attend and learn about our upcoming band events.