ACT and SAT are used for college admissions.  ACT and SAT can also be used to sub in for an FSA ELA test score for Graduation Purposes. Students planning on taking the SAT may want to explore the SAT Subject Tests as well, as they may provide the student with a favorable edge when applying for admissions at highly competitive colleges/universities.

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ASVAB Testing

The ASVAB will be offered on campus twice a school year, November & February. Please see Mrs. Simons to register.

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery or ASVAB for short is an aptitude test that measures your academic and vocational skills.  It is also used by the military to determine your suitability for various job positions.  Taking the test does not obligate you for military service.  However, once you reach age 17, the scores can be used for military service if you desire.  Students grades 10-12 are eligible to test.  Please see Mrs. Simons in the School Counseling Office to register.  Practice for the ASVAB may be accomplished by reviewing ASVAB practice manuals at commercial book stores, online, or by visiting the following websites:

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