JLAB Commander: 

The JLAB Team

Academic: TBD.                                          Leadership: TBD.

                                   What is JLAB?

Junior Leadership Academic Bowl (JLAB) is a team dedicated to studying scholarly academics and the skills that surround leadership. We motivate members of the team to attempt the highest GPA possible in an effort to gain knowledge and prepare for testing. JLAB consists of two sub-teams, Academic and Leadership (more information may be found below). The JLAB competition consists of three major levels of testing, levels I, II, and III.

Level I is a nationwide competition that takes place at the JROTC program’s host school. A score threshold, unknown to any school, is set. Any school that reaches the score with any of the two teams advances to Level II.

Level II consists of any school team that met the aforementioned score threshold. This competition decides which of the schools participating will move on too the national competition in Washington, D.C.

Level III (National Symposium) is the national competition, and is conducted in Washington, D.C. It includes an all expense paid trip to D.C. provided by the US Department of Defense. This is the most difficult of every level.


Any team winning at the National Symposium will earn up to $25,000 in gift cards and scholarships. Any team advancing past Level II will earn a specific medal designated by the US Army Cadet Command.

Practices include study sessions, practice tests, and quizzes related to each individual team. Practice dates will be announced at the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year.

                                           Team Practice                                    

The JLAB team meets for weekly practice on every friday.

 Leadership Team:                                             Academic Team:
 -Leadership Team mainly focuses on skills associated with leadership, lessons learned through the academic Leadership Education class, and the teachings of General George C. Marshall. -The goal of the team leader, ———— is to succeed in every possible medium associated with the Leadership test. -Methods of study include the checkout  of academic JROTC textbooks, online research, and group study during JLAB meetings. -Competitions include Levels I, II, and III of the online JLAB test, and uses the same method of testing as the Academic. -All Leadership Team members should report to each and every practice. If there are any discrepancies, cadets are expected to report in to ———-If not reported, any excessive absences will result in replacement.   -Academic Team is the team that tests on common school subjects such as math, science, social studies, and English comprehension. ———-is in charge of the team and strides to have cadets study hard for all of the challenges to come. -The website “March2Success” is used in the academic team to help cadets study for the competition levels of the JLAB Team. -The competition levels are Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. Each level narrows down the amount of schools that enter Level 3 (also known as Nationals). -For cadets on the Academic Team, members are expected to report to all practices that are scheduled by the team leader. Although, if a cadet must leave for any reason at all, they are also expected to report that they will not be attending practice to the JLAB Commander.