2nd place!!

Our school won 2nd place in the Box Decorating Contest! It was part of the Recycling Challenge “A Bags Life” that our whole county was participating in.

Congratulations to our 21 artists from 5th grade. You did a fantastic job!

Recycle Box Design Contest

Selected 5th graders participated in an art contest to help raise money for our school. The contest was to design a recycle box. These students did a great job!


The students who participated are:

Christian K., Katelyn M., Adrianna F., Savannah E., Jennavieve K., Amalea S., Abigail M., Daniel K., Aidan Q., Rylee H., Ella F., David M., Mackenzie A., Josephine R-C., Eden M., Autumn P., Nolan G., Isabella T., Liana D., Matthew M., Stephanie Z.

not all students were available for the photos: