What will the “Arts” look like this year? Theatre

Kindergarten through second grade musicals:

With the restrictions put in place with no singing for the first nine weeks, and social distancing 6 feet part.  We have to place shows on hold until restrictions are lifted.

Theatre Major :

Majors and mini majors have been cancelled for this semester.

Third through fifth grade musicals:

I have decided to prepare a show for the Christmas season.  This show may or may not happen and we are still discussing thoughts and ideas.  With that said, in September, I will hold auditions either through zoom or appointment for a core group of actors and singers.   Whatever show I choose they will be the students with the parts.  They will have to learn lines and music at home.  We will meet weekly on zoom to rehearse scenes.   The chorus for this show will learn music in class and at home if you choose to do the show.  More information to come.


All Spring shows on hold until we know more.

What will the “Arts” look like this year? Choral Ensembles

Choral Ensembles:

Due to Covid 19 restrictions, our district policy is no singing during the first nine weeks of school. Therefore our larger ensembles will not be meeting.

Liberty Singers Concert Choir:

This ensemble will not meet until second semester. (unless restrictions are lifted)

Freedom Review Show Choir:

I will be auditioning for this ensemble in September. A notice will be sent out to all 4th and 5th graders who wish to audition. Auditions will be by appointment only. Students on MySchool online will also be invited to attend auditions. Students will be expected to rehearse all music at home.

At this time I am still planning on our annual spring tour to Washington D.C. April 28-May 2, 2021. (If restrictions have been lifted) Please note, parents must sign an agreement that they will chaperone their child to Washington D.C. As in past years, the student costs will be covered by the Melvin C. Draft Family Foundation.  Parents will be expected to pay their own costs.  Please note, I will not start collecting parent monies until January, so please be prepared.  (estimated parent cost $1200.00)

Third Grade Chorus:

This ensemble will not meet until second semester.