Hey Everyone,

Hope you are excited for our first day of band camp tomorrow from 6:30pm-8:30pm!!! Here are some of the safety procedures we will be following to keep everyone and their loved ones safe.

Please arrive around 6pm so we can go through the screening and start practice at 6:30pm.
· Bring the signed COVID19 waver (we will have hard copies available at school)
· If you are not feeling well please do not come to camp.
· Students and staff will be screened for COVID-19 in the parking lot. Screening consists of having your temperature taken, and answering the questions listed below.
· Once cleared you may enter campus with a facemask on.
· Facemasks are required while on campus and only taken off during outside practice, while socially distanced (6ft apart/3steps interval)
· Make sure to have your temperature taken before you enter the band room.
· Enter the band room through the double door entrance and exit through the back door to the practice field.
· Avoid hanging out in the band room.
· Establish your own staging area 4’-3’ with water bottle and instrument case by the outside practice field.
· Avoid touching your face. (We encourage you to bring your own little bottle of hand sanitizer for immediate use.
· Hand sanitizer will be available.
· Bring your own water bottle.

If you answered yes to any of the following screening questions you will be directed to leave campus immediately and seek appropriate medical care and will not be allowed to join practice until cleared by a medical professional.

1. Have you been near anyone that’s tested positive or test is still pending?
2. Have you been tested and don’t have the results yet?
3. Is your temperature 100.4 or higher? (this will also be verified by taking your temperature)
4. Do you have cough and congestion that’s not allergy related?
5. Are you experiencing shortness of breath?
6. Have you lost your senses of taste or smell?

Some safety precautions you can take when you get back home from practice include taking a shower and washing the clothes you wore for practice.
Very much looking forward to seeing everybody and having the ClassAct Band together again!

See you tomorrow!!
Terry Adams