On Tuesday, December 12, band pictures will be taken during class time. Order forms have been sent home with students and a PDF of the order form was sent out through Remind and can be found here:Band Picture Day Order Form

Photos can also be ordered online at a later date. Information about online ordering will be shared as soon as we receive that information. In order to make picture day go as smoothly as possible, please remember to wear the appropriate attire for the photo. Otherwise, Mr. Hollenbeck will have to “accommodate” you:

Beginning Band: Please remember to wear your band t-shirt.

Intermediate Band: please remember to wear this year’s band t-shirt.

Concert Band: please remember to wear your black band polo shirt.

Symphonic Band: please remember to bring your formalwear (tux or dress).

Welcome Back!

Remind has been reset. Please sign up again to be a part of the class.
For Advanced Band (Symphonic & Concert), please click here: remind.com/join/jlmsadv or text “@jlmsadv” to 81010
For Intermediate Band, please click here: remind.com/join/jlmsinteror text “@jlmsinter” to 81010
For Beginning Band (both periods), please click here: remind.com/join/jlmsbeg or text “@jlmsbeg” to 81010
Happy Monday!

Say goodbye to Class Dojo…welcome to Remind!

After careful consideration, we will not longer be using Class Dojo for communication with the JLMS band program. We will now be using Remind. This program allows both parents and students to receive updates and information. Messages will be sent home frequently to remind students about upcoming events and info regarding homework, playing tests, and other assignments in the class.

Each class subject has a separate code to enter in order to receive important updates and information:

FOR BEGINNING BAND: text “@jlmsbeg” to 81010 or sign up using the following link: https://www.remind.com/join/jlmsbeg

FOR INTERMEDIATE BAND: text “@jlmsinter” to 81010 or sign up using the following link: https://www.remind.com/join/jlmsinter

FOR ADVANCED BAND: text “@jlmsadv” to 81010 or sign up using the following link: https://www.remind.com/join/jlmsadv

Middle School Band Night/All-County Band

On Friday, October 14th, the Advanced bands will participate in our annual MIDDLE SCHOOL BAND NIGHT. A letter was sent home to students with details and a full schedule. Please email Mr. Hollenbeck if you have any questions. Clink the link below for a PDF of the letter.

Auditions for All-County Band will take place on the evening of Thursday, November 10th. Please refer to the letter for more information. Students in advanced band have been working diligently on their audition materials.

Please email Mr. Hollenbeck if you have any questions. Clink the link below for a PDF of the letter. Thank you and have a great day!

2016 Middle School Band Night

Band Handbook

The updated JLMS band handbook is now available! Click the link below to download and view. In the handbook you will find information about classroom rules, discipline, local music stores, recommended instrument equipment, and many other important resources to help you in your band experience:

JLMS Band Handbook


I hope everyone is enjoying their Summer. In an effort to go green, I will not be mailing home a letter this summer about band camp. For those who auditioned and made advanced band (concert and symphonic), the link below will have more information about band camp. Please remember that the camp is FREE!


For those who are enrolled in beginning and intermediate band, we are changing our method book for the coming year. For beginning band students, PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE AN INSTRUMENT OR BOOK UNTIL MR. HOLLENBECK HAS GONE THROUGH THE INSTRUMENT SELECTION PROCESS. The process will take place at the beginning of the school year.

INTERMEDIATE BAND STUDENTS: Please purchase “Measures of Success: Book Two” for your specific instrument. Since we just made this switch, it is likely that local stores may not have the book in stock. It can be purchased at the following websites:


www.wwbw.com/ (search for “Measures of Success: Book 2” for your instrument)

www.jwpepper.com/ (search for “Measures of Success: Book 2” for your instrument)

https://www.amazon.com/ (search for “Measures of Success: Book 2” for your instrument)

In unrelated news, there is a chance I may be suddenly unable to be reached in late July/early August. Mrs. Hollenbeck is 8 months pregnant and could go into labor very soon. I apologize in advance and I will try to keep everyone updated. Thank you for all that you do and please remember to enjoy your summer!


We will have band picture day on Friday, April 15th during class time. For beginning and intermediate students, please wear your band t-shirt and don’t forget to bring your instrument. Advanced band students will need to wear their formal wear for picture day. Below you will find a PDF of the order form in case you would like to order pictures. Please email Mr. Hollenbeck if you have any questions.


Summer Band Camp

Every Summer, our Advanced Band comes together for band camp. We work on music, audition preparation, and leadership training. It is a fun 4 days of music that many of our students have grown to love. It is not required to attend, but it is “heavily encouraged” that all students who make advanced band attend the camp if possible. Otherwise, students have to play catch up in the first few weeks. Here is some information for you as you plan for your Summer:

JLMS Band Camp

Dates: July 18th-21st (Monday-Thursday)

Times: 12pm – 4pm

Location: JLMS Band room

Cost: FREE

Please email Mr. Hollenbeck if you have any questions about band camp. Thank you and have a great day!

Spring Break Update

Welcome back! I hope every one had a great Spring break. We are now in the 4th quarter and I wanted to give you some important information:

Advanced Band: We have 2 more after school rehearsals (April 4th and April 6th from 3-4:30pm) Before our MPA performance on Thursday, April 7th. We will be performing at 5pm in the Hernando HS auditorium. We are still in need of chaperones for the event so please refer to the MPA newsletter and/or email Mr. Hollenbeck if you are available. Also, the advanced band will perform at the annual JLMS Roundup on Friday, April 8th. We perform at 5:30pm. Please report to the band room no later than 5pm for warm up. Don’t forget to wear your band polo shirt or t-shirt for the performance.

Our SPRING CONCERT will be on Friday, May 20th at 7pm. Please note that this has been on the calendar since September and it is a mandatory event for all band students. It will be held at the Wesley Chapel Center for the Arts (WCHS Auditorium). We will be joining our performance with the Wiregrass Ranch bands for a great night of music.

2016-2017 ADVANCED BAND AUDITION MATERIALS HAVE BEEN POSTED. Please click on the “Advanced Band Audition Materials” Tab at the top of the page to find your music. Auditions will begin the week following the Spring concert. They will be done in class, before school, or after school. Please note that auditioning is mandatory if you want to be considered for advanced band. If you do audition, it will be counted as extra credit toward your 4th quarter grade.

This is also the time of year where elective choices are being made. For my 6th and 7th grade students, I would LOVE to have you back in my class next year for more music making and fun. We have a lot of big plans for the 2016-2017 school year including a possible trip/performance at a theme park!

To my 8th graders: It has been an absolute pleasure having you as a student. Please consider continuing on with music in high school. That is where the music making process truly evolves into something magical.

Thank you for all that you do! This year has been an absolute joy for me and I hope you have enjoyed band as well. 🙂

-Mr. Hollenbeck