Ms. Kohler, the job placement specialist here at Sunlake High School, has students working on the collection of our school recycling. The students have brought to her attention that collecting the recycling is harder than they originally thought. The reason for this is the misplacement of trash by students. The blue bins are for paper only, no bottles, cans, or any other type of trash should be thrown away in them. The bottle-shaped bins in the commons are for the cans and plastic bottles. All other trash should be discarded in the standard trash bins.

With most students throwing their trash in the blue bins, collecting the recycling has become a messy task. Students in Ms. Kohler’s class have found that they had to take the trash from the recycling bins out and get the paper from the trash bins. This has also become a difficult, yet common, occurrence for the students who regularly pick up recycling and also for the custodians. They have to take time to sort through all the bins when in reality they shouldn’t have to. Another issue is kids who throw their food and other waste products into the bottle bins, mistaking it for a trashcan.

It’s obviously something that most people know and it comes down to laziness. Throwing your trash in the right bins is a simple task that should happen every time. Next time you’re about to get rid of your trash, think about where you’re putting it. You’ll help other people out and keep the campus clean!